Zalgo, taking the form of a human named Evan Harrison, tricked a human woman named Loretta Swan (a religious zealot who was part of a cult that did unspeakable things for "the graces of God") into thinking he was a divine being who could finally give her the child she always wanted (she was barren). They conceived (with Zalgo abandoning Loretta shortly thereafter) and Loretta gave birth to a completely normal baby girl named Lazari. Lazari exhibited no demonic traits at all until she was 4 years old, where she involuntarily went into her demon form and killed and ate a demonically possessed neighbor (this is when she gained red eyes, jagged teeth and lost the ability to see any other colors besides red).

Lazari's mother then chained her up to the basement walls, completely isolated her from the outside world and beat and tortured her on a constant basis in order to "purge the demon". This continued for 4 more years until Loretta finally had enough, took her daughter out into the woods with her and hung herself right in front of Lazari. After that, Lazari...

(You can learn more about her adventures in "I Eat Pasta For Breakfast" creepypasta comic)

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