"Give it up princess"
  • Lady Lux saying to BB during a soundclashLady Lux is one of the supporting protagonists of the FreeFonix TV series. 

She is voiced by Shelley Longworth.


Lady Lux is one of the main antagonists in the Freefonix and is a member of the band Mantyz. She is the younger sister of Kurtz and she plays a bass guitar. She is smart and devious. Though Kurtz is the self proclaimed band leader, it's his sister Lux who really has the best ideas. She thinks things through carefully, whereas he tends to just rush in and make mistakes. She has little to no tolerance for him and their sibling rivalry is pretty fierce at times. Mya quite often gets annoyed at them arguing so much. Her father referred to as Boris the Photocopier Salesmen who is mentioned in the episode "Play It Again Kurtz". Lady Lux dreams of having the biggest diamond in the world and her worst fear are Giant Psychoroaches. She rides a deep purple and red hov-chopper and her phone is black and red.

In the episode IMinkys her band teamed up with FreeFonix to defeat MEGAMINKY in a Sound Clash.

Bizarro BB

File:Lady Lux in BB's body in the episode Bizarro BB.png
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