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Kyouko (きょうこ) is a fictional character in the River City Girls.


  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Blood Type: O (Unknown in Nekketsu Kakutou Densetsu)
  • Status: Alive
  • Affiliation: Hanazono High School
  • Year: Sophomore, Senior (River City Girls)
  • Likes: Strong men


sophomore student of Hanazono High School and Riki's girlfriend. Her introduction to the Kunio-kun franchise was in Shin Nekketsu Kouha: Kunio-tachi no Banka, where she was one of the four main playable characters. A beautiful girl with a ponytail and a blue blazer, she is fully loyal to Riki and is his type of girl. Although younger than Riki, she keeps him on a tight leash with her firecracker personality. She is close friends with Misako of Nekketsu High School.

Chronologically, she is Riki's first girlfriend (Mami debuted first in Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari in 1989 while Kyouko's game is from 1994, but Kunio is a sophomore in Kunio-tachi no Banka and a senior in Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari).


Kyoko is one of the main characters of River City Girls. Cute, cheerful and bubbly, Kyoko is Misako's friend for life and Riki's girlfriend. She is voiced by Kira Buckland.

Move Name Input Special Meter? Learned From Level Required Description
Head Stomp Heavy Attack in midair No Leveling Up 3 Kyoko flips and stomps downward. This knocks enemies straight down.
Volley Save Heavy Attack while running No Leveling Up 4 A dashing heavy attack, Kyoko dives in to make the save, striking enemies and knocking them straight up.
Donkey Kick Block and Heavy Attack simultaneously No Leveling Up 5 Kyoko's back attack, she kicks behind her in a handstand.
Dab! Directional Pad Left/Right + Heavy Attack No Leveling Up 7 A fabulous shoulder tackle! Kyoko knocks enemies straight ahead with this attack. Combo-ending attack.
Dragon Feet Special Attack Yes Dojo 0 Kyoko's signature move, she throws multiple kicks and ends with a roundhouse kick, knocking enemies down.
Crescent Kick Light Attack No Dojo 0 An additional attack for Kyoko's Light Attack button combo. This becomes her third attack.
Spin Kick Directional Pad Up + Heavy Attack No Dojo 0 Kyoko performs a jumping spin kick, knocking enemies upwards away from her. Combo-ending attack.
Volleyball Set Directional Pad Down + Heavy Attack No Dojo 0 Kyoko's launcher, she performs a forearm pass and launches enemies straight upwards. Can be used to end combos.
Acro Circus Directional Pad Up + Special Attack Yes Dojo 5 A screw attack directed upwards that knocks enemies down.
Double Dropkick Special Attack while running Yes Dojo 5
Hook Kick Light Attack No Dojo 5 An additional attack for Kyoko's Light Attack button combo, becoming her fourth attack.
Cheer Drill Directional Pad Left/Right + Special Attack Yes Dojo 8 A spinning drop kick attack. Can be performed in midair by pressing the Special Attack button.
Frankensteiner Heavy Attack after grabbing stunned enemy from behind No Dojo 8 The professional wrestling throw.
Pogo Kick Special Attack after grabbing stunned enemy from the front Yes Dojo 8 A throw, Kyoko kicks the enemy to launch herself upwards, knocking them out.
Handstand Kick Directional Pad Down + Special Attack Yes Dojo 12 Kyoko does a handstand with one hand to perform a spinning kick with both legs, kicking all enemies surrounding her.
Volley Spike Heavy Attack + Special Attack near enemy in midair Yes Dojo 12 A midair grab, Kyoko grabs an enemy and throws them down, as if she was performing a volleyball spike.


  • Kyouko's rendition of the Mach Kick in Kunio-tachi no Banka bears a resemblance to the Hyakuretsukyaku (百裂脚 "Hundred Rending Legs"), one of Chun-Li's signature special attacks in the Street Fighter series. River City Girls further expands on this by making the move (Dragon Feet, like in River City Ransom) a literal Hyakuretsukyaku with a finishing kick, much like Chun-Li's Senretsukyaku (千裂脚 "Thousand Rending Legs"), one of her super combos.
  • Her name has three different variations: Kyouko or Kyoko or Kyouko. Depending on the characters with which it is written, the name can have different meanings. In her case, it means City Girl or Girl from the Capital.
  • The Student ID Card showcased in a limited physical release for River City Girls reveals that she is in her Senior year (18 years old).



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