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Shiraishi Kyouka (白石杏珪) is the main character of the hentai Energy Kyouka!!. She is a student in high-school and a prostitute. She is nymphomaniac and bisexual.


Kyouka spend too much money in her mobile, because she's always having fun and don't pay attention to her money. She has problem of money, she became prostitute (also in High-school) to earn money.

Kyouka is a legendary schoolgirl who likes to get what she wants, which is less and less for classmates in high school toilets. She will then meet with the student council president and others who have the same "values".

She is tricked into joining a club of high prostitution where she must confess her feelings or else watch as the two other women have sex with her lover.

During a contest against two other prostitutes: Houjou Reona and Erina Houjou who is the mastermind behind the whole scheme. They plan to have Kyouka apart of their orgy's, eventually they succeed.

Physical description[]

Hair: Yellow hair, long hair, ahoge, spiked hair

Eyes: Blue

Body: Dark skin, huge breast

           Height (In Cm) 166
           Weight (In Kg) 60
           Bust (In Cm) 95
           Waist (In Cm) 59
           Hips (In Cm) 90

Clothes: loose socks, school uniform, choker

Voice actor[]

She is dubbed by Aikawa Kei



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