Kyla Willowbrook

Kyla Willowbrook was a villainess from Smallville, appearing in Season Two's "Skinwalker."

She was played by Tamara Feldman, who also portrayed the villainous Angela Mason in "Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things," from the second season of Supernatural.

Kyla was from the Kawatche tribe, a tribe consisting of skinwalkers, giving her the ability to change into a wolf at will. To prevent Luthorcorp from doing construction on Kawatche land, she shifted into her wolf form and went after Dan Hammond, a foreman for Luthorcorp, which resulted in his death. Kyla encountered Clark Kent and developed feelings for him, which were reciprocated. However, the evil Kyla attacked Clark's mother, Martha, in her wolf form at a parking lot. Kyla's rage increased when her grandfather, Joseph Willowbrook, is accused of killing Hammond, and Clark suggests the theory to her due to Joseph also being a skinwalker. An upset Kyla decided to go after Lionel Luthor himself, but Clark (thinking that the wolf is Joseph) arrives and stops her. Kyla escapes through a window, only to be fatally wounded by a shard of glass. Clark learns Kyla's true identity when she shifts back to her human form in front of him. She expressed remorse over her actions, stating that she didn't mean to harm anyone, right before she died in Clark's arms.

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