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Kurt Wylde is Mark Wylde's older brother, a former spy for Gelorum, a former World Race driver, and currently a member of the Teku. He is voiced by Brian Drummond.


Kurt has a black, spiketop hair, thick eyebrows and blue eyes. He wears orange goggles and a blue jumpsuit with various orange highlights and designs.

In World Race his hair was higher, his goggles were yellow and he wore a purple jumpsuit. His eyes were a deep hazel color.


He is a stern driver but can be wise-cracking at times. He has shown some remorse for his past actions.

Meet the Drivers Description

"Despite a checkered past, Kurt Wylde has proven himself to be the bravest of the Teku. Kurt and Teku leader Nolo are very close, a relationship forged out of the one he never had with his own brother and now rival, Markie Wylde."


World Race

Ring of Fire

A Grand Prix driver, Kurt first appears in his new Slingshot car in front of a VIP building, making his status as a professional racer quite clear. After watching Tezla's broadcast to him and the other drivers, he journey's to the Scrim Complex. Kurt was one of the ten drivers starting for the first leg, but unbenownst to everyone, Tezla included, Kurt was actually a spy, working for a woman named Gelorum as Zed-36. In the leg, Kurt passes Banjee Castillo, Brian Kadeem, Taro Kitano and hits Vert Wheeler's Deora II to the side of the track. Vert's car goes out of control and hits the Krazy 8s. As they make their way to the loop, Banjee passes after waving at him and goes for the loop. Kurt and Taro, meanwhile, run toward the jump, but Kurt yells that they don't have enough speed. Kurt and Taro later spectate Vert while the Deora II makes the loop, with Kurt particularly angry, saying "No one beats Kurt Wylde". Kurt continues to race into the smoke of a volcano and comes out as Zed-36. Having been ordered to sabotage the race from within, he arms and throws an explosive Nitrox 2 bottle, leaving it to explode and slow down the other racers. Kurt continues throughout the track and comes out of the ending tunnel as the Street Breed leader, coming up to the portal soon after. A booster built between rocks speeds him to get to the portal and he wins the leg. Brian then comes out second place and splashes Kurt with mud, and Tezla assures Kurt that this is not the end of the race, but only the beginning. Later on in the complex, Dr. Peter Tezla Informs everyone that they will now race as teams, and for his victory in the first leg of the race, Tezla gives Kurt the right to have first choice over five new drivers (not six) for his Street Breed team.

The Greatest Challenge

Later on, as the new drivers arrive, Kurt finds his car is being driven by another person, which angers him to a great extent. He confronts the driver and furiously tells him to get out of his car, only to find out it's his younger brother Mark Wylde. Mark (or Markie, by Kurt) introduces himself to Vert after the latter questions Kurt about the former. Mark asks Kurt that if he can be in his team, but Kurt rejects him and races away in his car; Vert, meanwhile, sees Mark's potential, and invites him to the Wave Rippers. After Tezla tells the drivers about the wheel of power, Kurt appears on a mountain as Zed-36, and speaks to Gelorum via hologram. He tells Gelorum about what he has learned, and she reminds him that Tezla cannot be trusted with the wheel of power. Before the second leg, twenty cars prepare for the race, with Kurt and Banjee taking the front position almost immediately. In the leg Banjee fights for the lead but Kurt refuses to let him pass by blocking the way with his car. He hits Ballistik, and they both run in a spiral and collide in mid-air. Kurt leaves Banjee behind but Banjee finds what he believes to be a short cut. Rather than continue to win, however, Kurt comes out in his Zed-36 form again, and follows Banjee and his Road Beasts in secret. He targets to destroy the bridge which later would collapse after the Wave Rippers cross. He then gets passed by Alec Wood, who spots him in his disguise. He later goes to target the "greatest challenge," but he refuses after seeing that Markie is about to attempt it, realizing that he can't hurt his own brother. After the second leg, Zed meets Gelorum after she found out he didn't sabotage the race.

Desert Heat

Kurt sees Vert outside of the complex. Kurt was one of the thirty-three drivers competing in the third leg. In the third leg, Kurt uses his car's grappling hook to attach to the Mega Duty, Rekkas's car. On track, Kurt races behind Mojave, Heralda, Ric Handy, and Toni Berry, all five cars enter the dinosaur statue and Kurt comes out as Zed-36. He takes Zotic out of control. Zed runs Sling Shot in pyramids and catches up with Brian Kadeem, thinking he has just aquired the wheel of power. He shoots an energy ball toward Kadeem and knocks Kadeem off the track. Kadeem was able to get back on the track, but Zed uses his Nitrox 2 to jump and land on the track Kadeem is on. The wheel falls off Krazy 8s' spoiler and rolls past Mark Wylde, Vert Wheeler, Alec Wood, Dan Dresden, Rekkas, Chuvo, and Lani Tam. Kadeem returns to get the wheel with Zed behind, passing Taro Kitano and Banjee Castillo in the process, both of which instantly realize that the object in question is not the wheel. The wheel stops rolling after a time, and Kadeem and Zed get off their cars and start a fight over the wheel. Brian kicks Zed's helmet off, revealing it's Kurt. As Kadeem returns to his car, Kurt attempts to fight back but Kadeem throws him off the track and leaves.

Frozen Fire

After Kurt was discovered to be Zed-36, he was kicked out of the World Race and gave the Street Breed leadership to Dan Dresden. Kurt attempts to quit being Gelorum's lackey because of this, but Gelorum intercepts him with her helicopter and the magnet attached to it, and she declares to her spy that she will be the one to decide when he's through. Before the final leg, Kurt can be seen in his Zed-36 suit looking for the point for the portal to open. Right before the race begins, Zed races past all drivers and Brian quickly found out who it was. The Road Beasts start racing before the racing drone exposes the green light with Scorchers, Wave Rippers, Street Breed, and Dune Ratz behind them. As he was making his leave, Gelorum retrieved him and ordered him to keep racing for her, making it clear that she would decide when he was through, despite Kurt's initial refusal. At the final leg, Kurt, along with the unwanted help of two of Gelorum's Clyp drivers, entered the portal before all the other drivers. The Clyp units then proceeded to do Kurt's job for him by sabotaging the track. Eventually, Kurt relented, and after hearing that Markie was ahead of the other drivers, decided to stop to help him. The Clyp drivers, however, ordered him back in his car, forcing Kurt to fight them to try and help his brother. When the units revealed themselves as drones, they tried to kill Kurt when they learned that he wouldn't obey; thankfully, one drone was defeated with the help of Markie.

Back in the race, Kurt tried to reason with Markie, telling him that Tezla couldn't be trusted, and they could work together. Visibly upset, Markie has a heart to heart with Kurt, telling him that the whole point of being a driver was to be more like him, but now seeing him as nothing but a cheat, Markie refuses, and the two clash. Despite Markie's considerable skill, Kurt proves to be the better driver as he has more experience.

His lead would not last long though, as the other drivers, including Dan Dresden and Vert Wheeler, finally caught up. The remaining drone blocked the road however, leading up to the only drivers being Kurt, Dan, and Vert. As the drone dispatches Dan, Vert outsmarts the drone, destroying it and leaving Vert and Kurt as the final two drivers in the lead. Despite Kurt's skill and experience, Vert ultimately proves to be better and leaves Kurt behind after he wipes out in the ice. When Vert eventually wins, Kurt is teleported back home along with all the other drivers.

Wheel of Power

As Kurt begins to go home, Gelorum intercepts him and tells him that he is no longer needed. Realizing the danger that the others are in, Kurt finds Gelorum before she enters Hot Wheels City and tells her not to hurt the other drivers, trying to reason that they are human beings. Gelorum however, shows him that she is, in fact, a machine, making Kurt finally realize his mistakes. Now understanding that he 'took the wrong road for a while', he saves Vert from a drone, and helps him put back the Wheel of Power, personally crashing into Gelorum as she tries to stop Vert. He is last seen alongside Markie in the aftermath, agreeing to race again sometime, albeit 'just for fun'.

Before Acceleracers

Prior to the events of Acceleracers, he was involved in a shady business deal with his brother, Mark Wylde. After it fell out, Mark was sent to prison for 2 years, and kindled Mark's hatred for Kurt, who did nothing out of fear of ruining himself. After this, the two went their separate ways, joining different racing teams with a rivalry as bitter as their own.

In Acceleracers

Kurt is first seen alongside the other members of the Teku, watching team leader Nolo Pasaro have an argument with Vert Wheeler, who is frustrated over Nolo being leader instead of him. After walking off, Kurt reminds Vert that it's Nolo's call who races, and then watches in support as Nolo races against his rival Tork Maddox.

The race is interrupted by Gig, who nearly makes Wylde fall to his death. Only after learning that Wylde is okay does Kurt (along with Vert) speak with Gig, who calls them back into the services of Dr. Tezla. While both Kurt and Vert initially refuse (due to being ignored by Tezla after the world race), they come around when they learn of Gelorum's return and theft of the wheel of power. On the way to Tezla's headquarters, Kurt and Vert explain the world race, and the wheel of power at the end of the track being the only thing Tezla wanted. Wylde then returns, bumping into Kurt from behind before making it to the abandoned complex first. There they reunite with Kadeem, who leads the group to Tezla's new headquarters: The Accelodrome.

Upon arrival, they are greeted by Tezla, who tells the drivers of the racing realms. In the conference room, they are met by Lani, who, along with Gig and Kadeem, tell them of the realms, and the Drones infiltrating them. It is at this time the new realm begins to open. As the realm prepares itself, the teams arm their cars with Nitrox fuel, and once the realm is open, they enter as a team led by Kadeem, with Kurt taking up the back.

As the realm begins to prepare its defenses, Kurt is eventually blasted by a lightning shock, temporarily disabling his slingshot car. Eventually, he gets back in the race alongside Vert, and they try to beat the drones together, only for them both to wipe-out, with Kurt crashing his car and breaking his leg. With Slingshot unable to be driven, Kurt leaves the realm with Karma, and after recovering in the infirmary, calls the rest of the Teku for help, namely Shirako and Nolo.

The next day is spent making new cars, Kurt's being Battle Spec. This is especially hard for Kurt, whose injuries render him barely able to walk. Despite this, he insists on working on his car alone; he just has his speakers juiced up with Shirako's help as the swamp realm opens. Despite his injuries, and Lani's insistence to sit out the realm, Kurt goes in with the rest of the drivers.

In the realm, he makes considerable progress, taking out two drones and being the first human driver to use a hyperpod. Unfortunately, he is caught by the swamp beast, only able to return home when Nolo wins the realm.

Kurt would continue to race for many realms after this, including the cavern realm, and the water realm (the latter demonstrating his growing rivalry with Wylde, who declares that Kurt's brother died in prison). In the metro realm, Kurt's car's camera is disabled, and is accused of harboring the accelecharger for himself after seemingly winning. His innocence would eventually be proven after the events of the neon pipeline realm, where Tezla reveales the existence of the silencerz.

Kurt races again in the junk realm, where he and Wylde race against each other once again. At this point, Wylde's relationship with the Metal Maniacs has worsened to the point where he's practically driving alone, and with no one else around but Kurt, tries to vent his frustrations out on him. Kurt, however, brushes his anger off, and calmly eases his way into the track while Wylde is hit by a wrecking ball. Figuring that Wylde will just use the E.D.R, Kurt tells Wylde that he can blame him for this if he wants, accepting that he always does.

Following this, Kurt eventually takes the lead, and takes on the final silencer in the realm. The silencer takes the form of Kurt's car, and the two clash until Taro takes out the silencer. Without any more competition, Kurt and Taro tie the realm, with Kurt winning the accelecharger.

Despite winning the Junk Realm, Kurt is devastated to find out Wylde didn't use the E.D.R. to escape in time. He immediately goes to Tezla and tells him to open the Junk Realm so he can get Wylde out himself, but Lani reveals to him that Wylde and Kadeem weren't the only drivers lost in the Racing Realms, others being Dan Dresden, Alec Wood, and Banji Kasteele, all who went into the realms and never came out, and that they couldn't tell them because it'd discourage the drivers' racing abilities. Tezla then reveals that it wouldn't matter if he went back, anyways, as Wylde was captured by the drones. Refusing to believe him, Tezla forces Kurt to accept the truth by showing him the footage of Wylde's on-board camera, where a drone comes for him before the feed shuts off. Disgusted by Tezla's inaction, Kurt leaves.

After the Ruins Realm, Kurt calls over the other drivers away from the Acceledrome to hold a meeting on helping get Wylde back. Kurt hopes to atone for his past mistakes by rescuing Wylde from the Drones. Creating a truce (the Metal Maniacs agreeing because Wylde is one of them, and the Teku agreeing because Nolo knew the importance of family over racing), Kurt takes command of both teams and plans to have them hijack one of the Racing Drones Sweepers in order to get into the Drones Headquarters during a Racing Realm.

Kurt and Taro execute the rescue operation against Tezla's orders when every other Driver (except Vert) is sent into the Cosmic Realm. Kurt leads the drivers to provide a distraction to exhaust a Sweeper of its Sweeper Drones by using the low-gravity of the Realm to their advantage, while Monkey infiltrates the Sweeper to take control from inside with help from Porkchop. Once the Sweeper was in their control, Kurt and the other drivers safely enter the Drone HQ to find Markie. It is at this point where Kurt tells everyone what happened after the world race. After finally admitting that it was in fact his fault, he promises to never leave him again. Just then, the teams are contacted by Kadeem, who leads them to the tallest building in Hot Wheels City. After making it there, the teams split up, with Kurt going after Markie himself. When he arriving at the top of the main tower, he discovers Markie bound, and his left arm replaced with a drone prosthetic. Kurt can only apologize in grief as he is confronted by Kadeem, now a half human drone. Kurt tries to reason with Kadeem, reminding him of his home, but Kadeem brushes this off, and assures Kurt that he'll understand after he too, becomes a drone. Markie, however, is proven to still be human, as he fights Kadeem one on one in Kurt's defense. The fight is taken above the tower, where Kurt makes good on his promise and saves Markie. He then tries to persuade Kadeem to return home with them, but Kadeem refuses and falls out of view. Now safe, Markie reveals that the drones 'wanted to know things', and is unsure if he said anything as he doesn't remember everything. Kurt however, brushes this aside for the moment, and drives Markie out of the tire. Now more levelheaded than before, Markie thanks Kurt for all he did, and declares them even. Kurt however, proudly declares that 'brothers don't keep score', and using the E.D.R., they return to the acceledrome together, only to be captured by the drones there. As the other drivers are captured as well, they remain on guard until they learn of Gelorum's defeat, and the commanding RD-L1 orders the humans' destruction. The drivers then fight their way out of the drones (and are also helped by Vert's return) and they escape the accelodrome in a sweeper. All the drivers (except vert) escape together safely as Gig destroys the acceledrome, and the drones inside.

In the aftermath of the battle, Kurt is among the drivers as they find Monkey's drone Sparkie, who tries to tell them about Vert. The drivers then decide to out together in order to find him.