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Numbuh 3 is a Japanese American Kids Next Door Operative. She is the youngest member of Sector V. She has a future husband named Numbuh 4. She is voiced by Lauren Tom, who also voiced her mother Mrs. Sanban and Tasumi from The Replacements.


She has long black hair, an over-sized green sweater, black tights and black and white shoes. Her hands rarely show when she is wearing a sweater, but when she wears different outfits, her hands show.

The name Sanban means "Three" in Japanese.


  • If you keep talking to yourself, everyone think you're insane. (Eleanor Miller: Thanks for the tip, Kuki!) Not you, Eleanor! I was talking to Wally.


  • In the episode Operation H.O.T.S.T.U.F.F., Numbuh 3 serves as the main villainess.

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