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A young female daredevil who first appeared in the episode Datin' and Dumplings. Uncle Dumpling, Ho and Linguini all have a crush on her. She takes them on dangerous dates until she finds her true love. Before coming to her conclusion, Master Soo appears and she falls in love with him, becoming one of his maidens. Her physical appearance and lust for adventure seems to be a reference to Lara Croft. Kua returns in the episode Tomb It May Concern.


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In the episode Datin and Dumplings when Kua arrives at the village she is fighting with a lion. Then she goes to the restaurant where she asks Pucca who the chefs that make that delicious noodles that she eats are. Pucca presents the chefs and they fall in love fast. She tells them that she has to go on an adventure and asks them if they wanna go. Pucca, thinking that her invitation was a date, says yes (in her own way) for them. She go first to free throw, second to the mountain to snowboard and finally the the ocean to be closed in cave to see the shark. When the reach finish, she ask to the chefs if they can make noodle for because they are not go for the extreme adventures they do it the noodles but at it time Master Soo put a music a nice music in the music box for that Kua fall in love with and he transforms her in a maiden. She also appears in the episode Tomb It May Concern, no longer a maiden, where she was searching for a mysterious cologne and she ask the chefs to go with her. they accepted to go to another dangerous adventure with her. When they get the cologne they give the magic cologne to Master Soo, who explains that it makes women to go to the one that is using it and fall in love. Kua in that moment falls in love with Master Soo and transforms into a maiden again.


  • She is a kind of parody of Lara Croft like Lara Croft she wear a black flannel and some gray shorts pants and her hair is brown like Lara.


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