Kory Bug
Kory Bug Burkett
Background information
Feature films Kory Bug Burkett 1900

The Legend of Kory Bug Burkett 1901

Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by Walt Disney
Portrayed by
Voice Walt Disney
Performance model
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Kory “Kory Bug” Tyler Lane Burkett (real name)
Other names
Appearance Slender, fair skin, brown eyes, dark brown hair, dark brown long sideburns, thick dark brown eyebrows and dark brown horseshoe mustache
Birthday February 1900
Occupation King of California, Florida and all the countries



Father of Princess Celestia and Princess Luna

Grandfather of Princess

Grandfather-in-law of Spike, Shining Armor, Twilight Sparkle

Great-grandfather of Princess Flurry Heart

Home California


Relatives Mrs. Burkett (wife)

Princess Celestia (adoptive daughter)

Princess Luna (adoptive daughter)

Pets Iago (parrot)

Cerberus (guard dog)

His family pets

Minions Card Soldiers, Captain of the Royal Guards, Police Captain, Police Officers, White Rabbit, Disney Characters, Razoul, Royal Guards, Genie, Magic Mirror, Huntsman (currently), Pridelanders, Zazu, Outlanders (currently), his family pets, Kerberus, Iago, Greek monsters, Wolf Boss (currently), Wolf Army, DreamWorks Characters, Mlp FIM Characters, WarmerBros Characters, Hanna Barbera Characters,
Powers and abilities Immortality

Magical powers, Genie magical powers

Weapons Sword of Godric Gryffindor

Magical powers Genie magical powers Pickaxe Thunderbolts (as the King of Mount Olympus Teeth and claws (as the other monster forms


Kory “Kory Bug“ Tyler Lane Burkett is the older son of Queen Michelle Burkett and King Steven Burkett the older brother of his younger brother King Logan “Loggy Bogan” Christopher Burkett. He is the new father of his Disney Character animated family and his Disney Character live action family, the new adoptive father of his adoptive daughters Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, the new adoptive grandfather of his adoptive granddaughter Princess Cadance, the new adoptive grandfather-in-law of his adoptive grandsons-in-law and his adoptive granddaughter-in-law, Shining Armor , Spike, and Twilight Sparkle, and a adoptive great-grandfather of his adoptive great-granddaughter Flurry Heart, the new King of California, Florida and all the countries, Cerberus

Physical appearance

King Kory “Kory Bug“ Tyler Lane Burkett is a tall and slender man with a fair skin, brown eyes, a dark brown hair, long dark brown sideburns, thick dark brown eyebrows and a dark brown horseshoe mustache. He wears his deluxe quality metal golden King crown with red, blue, green and yellow crystal diamond gems, a lone black velvet hooded cloak cape with a red satin lining, a yellow medieval renaissance padded arming collar neck cotton SCA, a long blue kurta tunic shirt, tan long arm cuffed gauntlet gloves, a black leather belt with a golden and sliver western cowboy K buckle on a black leather belt, green jogger pants and black leather tall pirate boots with the two folded cuffs and the two zippers over black leather tall pirate boots and all his King clothes

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