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Koops is a Koopa in the 2004 video game Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. He is young koopa hailing from Petalburg, a small village east of Rougeport. At first, he is rather shy and timid, however he joins Mario on his quest to Hooktail Castle in order to impress his girlfriend, Koopie Koo.

As a partner, Koops can quickly retreat into his shell and then get kicked by Mario. During this phase, Koops will recover any items he touches and bring them back to Mario, making his ability much like the Boomerang from the Legend of Zelda series.

Koops is the second partner to join Mario on his quest.


Koops is able to utilize his shell in battle and run away. He is also able to hover in it to retrieve things out of Mario's reach.


  • Shell Toss - he slides in his shell to attack an enemy standing in front of him.
  • Power Shell - he uses this to attack multiple enemies in one go.
  • Shell Shield - he can summon a shell big enough to house Mario from attacks.
  • Shell Slam - this attack allows him to override enemies' defense, potentially damaging their HP by 6.