Mario Party 1

He will steal all the Stars that Mario collected throughout the events of the game and will Travel to Eternal Star afterwards. When mario finds the real Koopa Kid and Bowser he forces them to challenge seven Koopa Kids clones to get the Stars back that the koopa kid stole. when defeated by mario he will use the power of the power stars to send bowser and him away

Mario Party 2

he hosted several shops and helped bowser with several minigames instead being a direct role like in the first

Mario Party 4

being a part in final fight with mario and explaining the rules for bowser

Mario Party 5

After the events of Mario Party 4 and their failure was punished by their father by being separated into three beings and are in direct opposition of mario and gang under bowser's command of course and having no involvement in the final fight due to mario party 4 and their mistake there

Mario Party Advance

still being three separate beings and being bowser's right hand man again

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