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Koko the Penguin stars in Panwapa. She wears pink glasses and loves badminton. She is very excitable, screaming in terror when she first meets Azibo the Monster and then running off to warn the others, and then hiding in her cottage. However she is also the first to go offer to help him build his house once she gets over her fear.

For the week of 14-21 October 2008, Koko appeared with Abby Cadabby on the website, to mark Wild Animal Day.

Official Bio

"Whacky and excitable, Koko lives her every moment to the fullest. Funny, emotional and deeply empathetic, Koko thrives on the energy generated by the community and her friends. Koko lives in a quaint cottage near the community area with a garden that she tends with great love and attention.[1]"

  • Koko the Penguin