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King Mighty One-Eye (also known as Mighty One-Eye or King One-Eye in the Miramax cut) is the true main antagonist of the 1993 animated fantasy film, The Thief and the Cobbler.He is Zigzag's boss, and the wicked, cruel, pitiless, tyrannical and locust-like king of an army of demons known as One-Eyes, who are conquering different parts of the world.

He was voiced by the late Christopher Greener in the original version, and by Kevin Dorsey in the later versions.King Mighty One-Eye was first seen when he completed a massacre on an unknown land, laying down a mountain of countless corpses to mark the victory for himself and his armies, but was unaware that a survivor of the massacre escaped on his horse to alert King Nod of the One-Eyes. Once the Golden City was the only place left standing, Mighty One-Eye moved toward the Golden City, which was protected from harm by the three golden balls, much to his complete fury.

However, things changed when the magic balls were stolen by a thief, who later lost them to minions working for Zigzag. With the balls in his possession, Zizgag attempts to exploit this event to convince King Nod into letting him marry his daughter Princess Yum-Yum. However, King Nod refuses, which incites an angry Zigzag to defect to the One-Eyes by heading toward their camp.

At the One-Eyes' camp, Zigzag presents himself to Mighty One-Eye, who is using his slave women as a human throne for comfort, much to their disapproval. After showing his magic, Zigzag proposes an alliance to Mighty One-Eye and presents the three magical balls to prove his point. At first, Mighty One-Eye ungratefully attempts to have Zigzag fed to his pet alligators, but soon changes his mind after seeing that Zigzag was able to (briefly) tame the alligators. As Zigzag gives out the blueprints of the Golden City for preparations of an imminent invasion, Mighty One-Eye has his men to create a giant war machine for the three magical balls to power up on. He also commanded Zigzag to ride at the front of the machine to lead the attack on the Golden City.

However, they were ultimately defeated when a cobbler named Tack used one of his tacks to set off a chain reaction to destroy Mighty One-Eye's machine and kill all of his men. Tack was then able to defeat Zigzag while several Brigands (befriended by Tack and Yum-Yum) manage to finish off several more of Mighty One-Eye's men in combat. This left Mighty One-Eye to roar out in anger over his army's demise before his defeat (either by burning inside the burning machine or by the hands of the angry slave women, depending on which version.