King Gorilla was a talking gorilla super-villain and a member of the Guild of Calamitous Intent. He first appeared in the episode "Return to Spider-Skull Island" where he was shown to be in prison along with The Monarch



King Gorilla had been a member of the Guild for ten years until during an appearance on VH-1's Surreal Life he attacked housemate Vince Neil, eviscerating him and sodomizing the lower half of his body, in that order. He later claimed "They wanted the surreal life? KG gave it to 'em!". He was then sentenced to life imprisonment. Due to the Guild's inability to shield him from prosecution, he became bitter and cynical towards the Guild.

Life in Prison

King Gorilla was the Monarch's fellow prisoner. Openly gay, King Gorilla tried to rape him, but he failed to because he couldn't get into it because the Monarch was "built too much like a girl".

In "Powerless in the Face of Death" he, the Monarch and a number of other villains attempt a breakout. However, the prisoners were bribed or threatened by Phantom Limb to betray Monarch and keep him in prison. While the prisoners turned on Monarch, King Gorilla, at the last minute, assisted him in his escape through the sewage because he was moved by how much the Monarch loved Dr. Girlfriend.


King Gorilla was diagnosed with lung cancer and, knowing that he has little life left, made a deal with the Investors that Monstroso can have his heart when he dies, in exchange for being released from prison and spending his final days in freedom. King Gorilla celebrated his freedom at a welcome back party in Malice and was reunited with the Monarch, whom unintentionally gave him a gift of a carton of cigarettes much to King Gorilla's displeasure.

In "The Silent Partners," King Gorilla succumbed to his cancer and awaited for the Investors in his hospital bed; in which they took out his still beating heart and took it to be successfully transplanted into Monstroso by Billy Quizboy.

Relationships With Other Characters

The Monarch

King Gorilla and the Monarch were in prison together. He later helped the Monarch escape, despite being threatened by Phantom Limb, because he could tell how much the Monarch loved Dr. Girlfriend.

Episode Appearances

  • Return to Spider-Skull Island
  • Powerless in the Face of Death
  • The Diving Bell Vs. The Butter-glider
  • The Silent Partners


  • King Gorilla is based on existing talking gorillas in fiction such as DC Comics supervillain Gorilla Grodd.
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