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A half-man, half-reptile, Killer Croc wants to submerge all of Gotham in water in order to facilitate his plundering of the city. This version of the character is also one of his more intelligent incarnations as he is capable of thinking rather clever ideas in order to obtain money.


His true origin is unknown, though a brief comment in his first episode implies he may somehow be tied to the military. Killer Croc is a virtual powerhouse with the strength of a crocodile (and a tail to boot). Croc is able to chomp and swim his way around Gotham.

After flooding downtown Gotham by backing up the sewage pipes that are used to transfer water out from the city. so it's banks were easy to pillage, Croc was eventually taken down by The Batman. Though the battle was lengthy, The Batman exploited Killer Croc's weakness for air underwater and half-drowned him, depriving him of oxygen and putting him in an unconscious state. Thus, he was stopped just in time by Batman.

Another time, Killer Croc joins up with Team Penguin, a group of Gotham villains formed by the Penguin, and his job is to sneak into waterside facilities underwater and take out the guards. When the team ends in failure, he is defeated by Batman.

Croc was also seen among the many villains that was captured by the vigilante Rumor.

He was last seen as one of the villains being assisted by the Wrath and his sidekick, Scorn.