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Kilala Reno is the protagonist of the manga series "Kilala Princess". She is considered an unofficial member of the Disney Princess list.

She loves the stories of the Disney Princesses and dreams of becoming like them; to live life as a princess and live happily ever after with her true love.


Kilala is depicted as beautiful, outgoing, cheery, courageous and selfless. She has loved the stories of Disney and the Disney princesses ever since she was a child. She dislikes doing what she's been told and would always do what she believes is right. However, she has a hard time fighting for true love, because of her inexperience and the constant obstacles that make her will waver.

Her knowledge of the Disney Princesses prove helpful in her quest to become a princess.

Magic Tiara

While not specifically possessing any powers of her own, Kilala's magical item is the tiara that has the power to alter reality, which allows her to enter the worlds of the Disney princesses. By adding magical gems for the tiara, its power increases greatly. Her gem is an emerald.


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