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{{CReusedcharacters|Maurice Monster||Maurice Monster|Elmo Mondiporg|[[Elmo Mondiporg]] • [[Kermit the Gorf]] • [[Maurice Monster]]}}
{{CReusedcharacters|Maurice Monster||Maurice Monster|Elmo Mondiporg||[[Elmo Mondiporg]] • [[Kermit the Gorf]] • [[Maurice Monster]]}}
{{RecycledcharactersSameTitle|Maurice Monster}}
{{RecycledcharactersSameTitle|Maurice Monster}}

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A light blue monster with a green nose, Kermit the Gorf can be seen in a Sesame Street sketch in which Kermit the Frog is frustrated in his attempts to buy a personalized t-shirt from the T-shirt Salesman. The sketch also features Kermit the Grof and Kermit the Forg.

The puppet, which debuted in Season 6 of Sesame Street, is also known as Maurice Monster.

The word Gorf reappeared in The Jim Henson Hour episode 101 with the character Timrek the Gorf - however Timrek was an extraterrestrial frog, not a monster.

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