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Kenai is the main protagonist in the Disney film Brother Bear.

He is voiced by Joaquin Phoenix.


Kenai is a rambunctious, thrill-seeking teenager who has two older brothers, Sitka and Denahi. He is eager to get his totem of maturity but is disappointed when he receives a bear that symbolizes love. During a fight with a bear, Sitka dies sacrificing himself for his two brothers and Kenai, vindictive, goes back to kill the bear whom he accuses of the death of his brother. But by killing the bear in question, he himself is metamorphosed into this animal by the spirits as a punishment.

He then meets the bear cub Koda who agrees to bring him where "the lights touch the earth". They are also joined by Rutt and Tuke, two dimwitted moose who want Kenai to protect them if they are attacked by Denahi. The latter also pursues Kenai believing that he is the bear who killed his two brothers earlier. While going to the Salmon Race with Koda, Kenai learns that he actually killed the cub's mother in an attempt to avenge Sitka. Remorseful, he confesses the truth about Koda's mother's fate to him and Koda leaves crying, hiding from Kenai.

Desperate, Kenai goes to the mountain asking Sitka for help but instead comes across Denahi, who attacks him. Koda comes to help Kenai and Sitka intervenes in the battle by transporting Kenai into the sky and changing him into a human. However, Kenai chooses to remain a bear to watch over Koda and gains Denahi's blessing.