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Keitaro Miura is a Protagonist is 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim.


Younger Sister Thoughtful, thoughtful and serious. The first person is "I". There is a big wound on the forehead, which is hidden by a school cap. Also, the Leg Leg is wrapped in a leg bond. Crew of Machine Soldier, a new Japanese military weapon in 1944. At the end of the Pacific War, he became involved with an unknown technology, Machine Soldier, and vowed to fight for his country. Takatoshi Hijiyama is a senior and junior of the same country, and they both have a strong feeling of thinking about their country. After Hijiyama went missing in 1944 (moved to time in 1985), he boarded a Machine Soldier in 1945, instead of Keitaro, in the middle of an unidentified giant object and Battle, unintentionally every Machine Soldier in 1985. I will move to time. Reunited with Natsuno Minami, whom he met in the original era, and introduced to the Kurabe Family by introducing Natsuno. With a childhood friend Tamao Kurabe (Jyuro Kurabe's grandmother) and Younger Sister's Chihiro in mind, she explores ways to return to 1945. I like the hamburger made by Megumi Yakushiji, who is also in the same room. Machine Soldier's Activation Marker is Amount.

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