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Kei Nanjo is a character from the Persona.



Boy with Earring classmate. Called "Nanjo-kun". Rationalism who thoroughly in scion of Nanjo chaebol. The affection of parents without that it has received only in money, only to Butler of Yamaoka did not open the heart. I was thinking and coherent protest against the decision, always to conflict with emotional Masao Inaba. It is holding a pride in their origins in substantial confident, but initially had a strong side like look down on others, from heading the legitimacy to Inaba of opinion "In the end human mind creatures" even personality somewhat softer, human to me it was growing larger. Kandori already there is acquaintance with political and business of the party and, it is said that He was not holding a good impression from when you first met. Lose Yamaoka was the support of mind by accident, but had caused the accident is to know that it is a Kandori, and so follow him with a clear hostility. Party fixed members in the hen Sobek, the Queen Hen of snow can be made to join the selection. It is a digression, but Kirijo group that appeared in Persona 3 is a branch from Nanjo. Although initially was scheduled to die after ending appeared even survival "2" (the developer interview the official guide book, Kaneko and Satomi answers). Initial persona "HIEROPHANT Aizen strange King '. Use weapons both hands sword and rifle. Negotiation command has been enhanced, very useful character in combat avoidance and spell cards collected.

Persona 2

Nanjo conglomerate's next leader. 20-year-old. He graduated from St. Erumin school summa cum laude, and is now studying in Oxford University. Including the bike touring the graduation opportunity, I'm always wearing a suit rider helmet and unique design. Continued emergence from previous work.

It appeared as a sub character. When you return home temporarily to hear rumors that Takahisa Kandori is alive, but visit Tama 閒瑠 city, the identity of the rumors that Kandori is alive was Reiji Kido instead Kandori.

Kandori is has been living independently the authenticity of rumors that investigation, reunited with Erie in the process, eventually would like to act together with the Maya Amano et al. Swordsmanship yourself of use is referred to as "Nanjo cut with a sword flow". Use weapons sword. Initial persona "HIEROPHANT Aizen strange King '. It can not be a friend if you want to accompany the Erie.

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