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Katscratch was once a low level mobster working for Mac and Molly Mange. When Mac and Molly were arrested, they sent a bribe to Mayor Manx to get paroles. However, Deputy Mayor Callie Briggs denied their paroles leaving to rot in jail. While that happened, Katscratch took over Mac and Molly's gang and started trafficking an illicit drug called Katnip. When Mac and Molly returned as two robots known as the Metallikats, Katscratch didn't want to give up his gang. Unfortunately, Katscratch ended up getting killed by the Metallikats.


Mac and Molly Mange (former)Fango


Swat KatsCommander Ulysses FeralThe Enforcers


Organized crimeExpert marksmanUnderworld activityDrug trafficking


In an alternate universe, he was in a relationship with Deputy Mayor Callie Briggs before she killed him to takeover his gang.