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Katherine "Kissin Kate" Barlow is a character from noval and movie Holes. She was once the school teacher in old Green Lake town. During her time teaching, she fell in love with an African American man named Sam. Their relationship created jealousy in Green Lake's mayor, Trout Walker. Walker formed an angry mob to destroy the school house and kill Sam because if he can't have her then no one will. Ms. Barlow tried to talk reason into the sheriff, but he was under Walker's command. After Sam's death, Barlow killed the sheriff and kissed him on the left cheek (which gave her the nickname Kissin' Kate Barlow). Following the sheriff's death, she became an outlaw and robbed numerous trains, banks, and civilians. One civilian she robbed was Stanley Yelnats I, who was wealthy thanks to the stockmarkets. She barried Yelnats' fortune in the desert that formed in place Green Lake after the rains stoped coming. She killed everyone that was involved Sam's murder. She didn't kill Stanley Yelnats I because he didn't do anything wrong to her. Years later, Walker, now broke and crazy after Sam died causing Green Lake to dried up and Walker lost all his money, found Barlow one day and threatened her to know the whereabouts of Yelnats' fortune. She wanted to kill Trout for what he did to her, but instead spear his life so he can waste his years finding the money and opts to die from the lethal bite of a yellow-spotted lizard instead of telling Trout where she's hid her treasure. Barlow wanted Walker to waste his years searching for it and his children and their children will suffer the same fate.

100 years later, the Walker family (3 generations) was unable to get the fortune because Stanley Yelnats IV found it first and the fortune had Stanley Yelnats's name it. The Walker Family finally faced justice and the rain finally came to Green Lake.

Kate Barlow finally got her revenge on the Walker family and thus getting the last laugh. She can rest in peace and reunited with Sam at the afterlife.


  • Kate is not really a bad person but more of a tragic anti-hero whose boyfriend got murdered by Walker and she seeks vengeance to kill someone and then kisses them and rob anything.