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Karin (Metal Max 4 Moonlight Daiva).png

Karin is a Character of the Metal Max 4: Moonlight Daiva.


Female Dancer who is the owner of the Chinese restaurant "Tougenkyo", who specializes in Martial Arts of foot technique. There is one young Younger Sister named Mei Mei. A personality with a refreshing but aggressive temper who hates messy Man. Moreover, there is also a tendency to dislike the care of others because of the kindness of having problems alone. He was often harassed by Bintro, the owner of the Chinese restaurant "Manpuku Tei" at La Tour, who refused to do so. One day, however, Destiny begins to change dramatically as Mei Mei is kidnapped by Bintro, who has lost his hands.

Voice Actor

Aya Endo