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Kareem is a rooster who is friends with Haneen. First introduced in 1998 on the Israeli/Palestinian co-production Rechov Sumsum/Shara'a Simsim, Kareem and Haneen now currently star on the Palestinian Hikayat Simsim.

According to executive producer Daoud Kuttab, Kareem embodies pride, but "we tried not to make him arrogant, and he's not afraid to apologize." And as a rooster, he always keeps track of time, "to break the stereotype that Arabs are late."

Sesame Workshop description

Kareem is a seven-year-old rooster, who is infinitely proud of his voice and his glorious feathers. He takes his job of waking people up every morning very seriously. He is an avid reader—you could call him a “book bird.” Kareem is computer literate and often refers to the Internet and to books when he has a question he wants answered. His catch phrase is, “Oh yes, I read about that.” Kareem is organized, tidy, always on time, and believes in doing things the “right way”—traditionally. Kareem is sweet and has a good sense of humor. He takes great pride in his collection of combs from around the world. Kareem loves his best friend Haneen and treats her like a little sister.

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