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The Kappas, led by Colleen were a university based cult group residing in Miss Margot's fraternity and minor antagonists in the SYFY TV film American Horror House.


They are first seen in the first half of the film capturing and kidnapping four girls, Daria and her friends Missy and two other unnamed girls to become their pledges and to do their biding. Coleen tasks the four girls to steal a bear costume belonging to a rival fraternity, the catch being all four girls going in their underwear to distract the fraternity members while one, Daria sneaks into the house and successfully steals the bear costume, running into a member of the fraternity who allows her to steal the bear costume.

Afterwards Dria and her friends return to the fraternity where the Kappas ask them into keeping guard while they attend Miss Margot's Halloween party. After a while, Daria, her friends, the partygoers and the Kappas all are killed by Miss Margot and her army of ghosts, of which they themselves become members.


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