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Kairel is a protagonist from the 2007 Argentinian animated film, El Arca.


Background: She served as an aid to Queen Orianna, Xiro's mother, until she ultimately sets out to escort him to the ark. She harbours feelings Xiro, the prince, and ultimately hopes for him to reciprocate them. Due to unforseen circumstaces she ends up boarding the ark with Xiro.

Personality: While she can sometimes become exasperated by Xiro's antics, Kairel is portrayed as a relatively patient and devoted follower. She can be somewhat of a busybody, but her heart is usually in the right place and she is very earnest in her efforts. She cares about the Prince and equally takes an interest in the other animals around her. She seeks to act as a peacemaker and puts he duty to the prince above her own interests.

Physically: Kairel is portrayed as being a young anthropomorphic lioness. She has a small potbelly, but her most notable design features are her huge hips and equally large backside. These have attracted particular attention amongst Youtube film reviewers, with Youtube personality Saberspark

Kairel boarding the Ark

[1] describing her as having 'the largest hips I've ever seen on a character'. This aspect of her design is also acknowledged throughout the film by other characters.