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Kain is the eponymous character and main protagonist as well as even the antagonist of the Legacy of Kain franchise. 

Character Summary

A vampire antihero, Kain was inextricably tangled in plots to control the fate of his world, Nosgoth.The son of an aristocratic family, he lived the life of an ambitious young nobleman, never realizing his undiscovered destiny – to take his rightful place as Balance Guardian, and serve the Pillars of Nosgoth. During one fateful journey, Kain was cruelly assassinated and resurrected from the dead. His quest for vengeance led him on a torturous journey of self-discovery as his curse of vampirism took irrevocable hold on his soul.

Cunning and relentless, Kain battled the oppressive agents of fate that sought to destroy him. For centuries, he ruthlessly pursued a singular ambition: to restore the land of Nosgoth, and return it to vampire rule.Armed with the legendary Soul Reaver blade,and pursued by his fallen creation Raziel, he hoped to reclaim his true role as Scion of Balance from the wreckage of history

Character History

Blood Omen

Kain was a nobleman from the city of Coorhagen. He fled his city due to a plague that was killing everyone. After being refused in a tavern in Ziegsturl, he is murdered by a group of brigands and impaled in their sword. He awakes in the underworld, deeply angered and hungry for vengeance. The necromancer Mortanius offers him a chance to take his vengeance, which he foolishly accepts without considering the costs.

He wakes up in his mausoleum and notices he had been turned into a vampire, though he couldn't care less. Leaving his mausoleum, he finds the brigands and kills them one by one, satisfying his vengeance. But Mortanius reminds him that they were merely the instruments, and not the cause of his assassination, leading him to the Pillars of Nosgoth for answers. There, he finds the ghost of Ariel, who claims his curse will end only after he kills all of the corrupted guardians of the pillars and restore the balance of the land. Without much choice he follows her advice, going after Nupraptor the Mentalist, who was the one poisoning the Circle. After killing Nupraptor, he goes after Malek the Paladin, but is unable to defeat him. He then seeks the advice of the Oracle of Nosgoth, who leads him after the vampire Vorador and also advises him about the King Ottmar and the Legions of Nemesis. He meets with Vorador in his mansion, who gives him a ring in case he ever needs help. He then goes to the Dark Eden, where the guardians Bane, DeJoule and Anacrothe are.

Anacrothe flees at the sight of Kain and summons Malek. Kain then summons Vorador, who fights Malek while Kain goes after Bane and DeJoule. After defeating the two, Kain finds Malek's armor scattered in the ground, signing that Vorador killed him. Next, Kain travels to the city of Avernus, where Azimuth the Planer is summoning beasts from other dimensions to destroy everything. In the large Avernus Cathedral, he finds the legendary Soul Reaver, using it to kill Azimuth and picking a Time Streaming Device that was in her possession. Following the advice of the Oracle of Nosgoth, Kain goes to Willendorf after the King Ottmar to get help to fight the Nemesis, but discovers that the king is mourning for his princess, whose soul had been stole by Elzevir the Dollmaker. Kain then finds and kill Elzevir, retrieving the doll that contained the princess's soul. Ottmar then gathers his army to fight the Legions of Nemesis in the Battle of Last Stand, with Kain helping in the battle. However, Ottmar is killed during the battle, as his army is overwhelmed by the invaders, forcing Kain to use the Time Streaming Device to escape.

Kain ends somewhere in the past and after killing a peasant, he finds out that he was sent fifty years back, also noticing that Moebius the Time-Streamer was after the king William the Just. Deducing Moebius had a hand in turning William into the Nemesis, he decides to slay William. He enters his stronghold and finds the king, who is also wielding the Soul Reaver. Kain slays him and, after dispatching of his soldiers, he conveniently finds another Time Streaming Device, using it to go back to his own era. Once there, he finds no traces of the Nemesis and his legions, but hears the noise of a large crowd and smells the blood of vampires. He finds the crowd, and watches as Vorador is being executed by Moebius, who then sends the mob after Kain, claiming he is the last vampire in the land. Just then Kain realizes he's being playing for a fool all along, as Moebius manipulated him to exterminate all vampires. He kills the mob and defeats the warriors Moebius summons, killing Moebius shortly after.

Mortanius congratulates him and summons him to the Pillars, where the grand finale will be set. Once there, Kain finds Anacrothe and Mortanius arguing, then discovering that it was Mortanius himself who ordered his death so he could kill all the corrupted sorcerers. After Mortanius kills Anacrothe, Kain promises Mortanius he won't escape his fate, but Mortanius had already accepted it, claiming that there's still one more guardian to kill. After killing Mortanius, his body starts to mutate, revealing the true enemy. The Hylden Lord, who had possessed Mortanius, mocks Kain for being his pawn all along. Kain kills him, and just then realizes he is the last guardian of the pillars.

Ariel then gives him the two choices: either he sacrifices himself, ending his curse and restoring Nosgoth but ensuring the vampires's extinction, or he doesn't sacrifices himself, damning Nosgoth forever but allowing the vampires to recover. Out of pure selfishness and angered by the fact that everyone manipulated him all the time, Kain chooses to not sacrifice himself. The pillars immediately shatter, and Nosgoth slowly starts to decay.

Blood Omen 2

Note: these events only happen after the timeline is altered in Soul Reaver 2

After condemning Nosgoth to ruin, Kain builds an army of vampires to start to take over Nosgoth and become it's ruler. However, a mysterious warlord, who actually was the Hylden Lord, recreated the Sarafan Order and started a quest of his own to rule Nosgoth, calling himself the Sarafan Lord. Kain proceeds to Meridian, where he finds the Sarafan Lord and engages him in battle. However, Kain was betrayed by his most trusted lieutenants and felt in an ambush. He is defeated, and the Sarafan Lord claims the Soul Reaver for himself. Kain is thought to be dead, so the Sarafan Lord conquers Nosgoth. After 400 years, Kain awakes on a strange room and is greeted by Umah. She explains that she is a member of the Cabal, a resistance group of vampires, and he were being secured all this time.

Kain immediately resumes his quest to kill the Sarafan Lord, but is forced to take Umah's advice due to his weakened state. Kain finds Faustus, one of the vampires who betrayed him and after killing him, he finds the leader of the Cabal, who is none other than a resurrected Vorador. Vorador tells him to look after the Nexus Stone, the artifact that the Sarafan Lord used to defeat him, if he was to defeat the Sarafan Lord. On his way to the stone, he finds Marcus and Sebastian, two other traitors, and kills them. Sebastian tells him about The Device, an ancient weapon that the Sarafan Lord plans to use to kill all humans and vampires of Nosgoth. He then goes after the Seer to find the location of the Device, and is teleported by her while her house is attacked. Once in the location of the Device, Kain finds an ugly beast who recognizes Kain, telling him that he must find the Builder, the one who created the Device and the only one who knows how to destroy it, leading him to the Eternal Prison.

Once in the prison, he finds the builder who reveals that the Device channels the power of a creature known as The Mass, and only the blood of a Hylden can kill it. The Builder then offers his own blood to Kain. Kain is assaulted by a crazy vampire in the Prison, and after fighting him continuously, the vampire recovers his consciousness, revealing that he is Magnus, one of Kain's lieutenants, that was put in that place by the Sarafan Lord. Kain kills him as a way of mercy, and goes after the Device. He poisons the Mass, killing it and rendering the Device useless. Looking for the beast who led him, he finds that it was Janos Audron, who was mutated due to the Mass's influence.

Janos had been trapped there to feed the Mass. Janos teleports Kain and himself to where Vorador is, and Kain goes to the Hylden city to exact his revenge. He faces the Sarafan Lord and throws the Nexus Stone in the Hylden Gate, which starts to close. Janos appears to help Kain, but is thrown into the gate by the Sarafan Lord. This allows Kain to recover the Soul Reaver, killing the Sarafan Lord and reclaiming Nosgoth for himself.

Soul Reaver Kain takes over Nosgoth and recreates the vampires. He erects the Sanctuary of the Clans around the collapsed Pillars of Nosgoth, placing his throne in the Pillar of Balance, his pillar. He resurrects the Sarafan Inquisitors as vampires, giving each of them a portion of his soul. Each of his newborn lieutenants create their own clans, which spread throughout Nosgoth. Kain orders the sky to be covered with smoke and all bodies of water to be drought, except the Lake of the Dead, which is a large vortex that Kain used to throw all traitors and weaklings. Most of the humans were wiped out, and few were kept alive just for amusement.

When Kain started to grow bored, he would pit the warriors of each clan into fighting just to keep him entertained. During some centuries, Kain would lay dormant and awake with some kind of evolution, with all of his lieutenants following shortly after. However, one day, his first-born lieutenant Raziel came to his master to show his evolution, a pair of bat-like wings. Raziel couldn't anticipate Kain's reaction: he simply ripped his wings, apparently out of jealously. Raziel was labeled a traitor, and ordered to be thrown into the Lake of the Dead. There, Raziel slowly sank for centuries while being corroded by the acidic water. Strangely, Raziel awoke at the bottom of the Abyss, completely disfigured. He is greeted by The Elder God, who tells him that Kain's abominations were keeping the souls from completing their cycle and spun the Wheel of Fate. He tells Raziel to go after Kain and exact his revenge.

Raziel emerges from the Abyss, only to discover that the vampires had become monstrous beasts during the time he was gone. He goes after his clan's territory, but finds the place desolated. Kain had wiped out all of his clan, which made Raziel even more angry. Raziel finds his brother Melchiah, who tells him Kain only appears where and when he wants. After killing Melchiah, Raziel goes to the Sanctuary of the Clans, where Kain appears, apparently unsurprised by Raziel's miraculous resurrection, but rather expecting him to appear. After some arguing, the two fight, but Kain easily stuns Raziel and attacks him with the Soul Reaver. However, the sword shatters when entering in contact with Raziel.

Kain flees, but Raziel is left intrigued by the fact that Kain was actually satisfied with that outcome. The spirit of the sword fuses with Raziel, becoming a wraith blade. Raziel goes after his other brothers, Zephon, Rahab and Dumah, kills them and follows to the Oracle's Cave, where he senses Kain is hiding. This cave, which was used by Moebius, contained many devices that showed Raziel his future. He then enters the Chronoplast Chamber, where Kain was waiting for him. Kain tells him that he had foreseen all of Nosgoth's history thanks to Moebius's devices, and after a brief fight, invites Raziel into a time portal. Cautiously, Raziel steps on it, and finds himself in front of Moebius.

Soul Reaver 2

Raziel finds himself thirty years before Kain's decision at the pillars, when the circle was corrupted. He is greeted by Moebius, who apparently was expecting him, but Raziel attacks him, knowing his true nature. Moebius reasons with him, telling that he didn't needed to trust him, but since they had a common enemy, Kain, he should follow his advice. Raziel meets Kain at the pillars, who warns him to stay away from Moebius. Raziel is eager to kill Kain, who simply asks Raziel to see what was about to happen. Suddenly, a large shockwave bursts in the sky, and the pillars crack, showing their corruption. This was the moment of Ariel's assassination and Kain's birth, also the moment when Nupraptor corrupts the circle.

Kain metaphorically explains to Raziel about his decision at the pillars, comparing it to a coin tossed. If it falls on one side, he sacrifice himself, but ensure the vampires extinction, thus damning Nosgoth. If it falls on the other side, he doesn't sacrifice himself, ensuring the vampires won't be extincted but damning Nosgoth. Either way, Nosgoth was already condemned, thanks to Moebius's genocidal war against the vampires. But Kain tells about a third option: if the coin is tossed too many times, and falls on it's edge. This is what Kain was seeking all along, and Raziel was the key. Kain vanishes, leaving Raziel wondering. They meet again in the Sarafan Stronghold, where Kain explains that history is already written, and everyone just carry out their predestined paths. Yet, he was able to alter history by killing William the Just, so he explains that Moebius made sure both would be armed with the Soul Reaver. This created a paradox that enabled him to rewrite history, due to the nature of the sword.

He tells Raziel he is the only being who truly have free will, and thus is able to rewrite history. Kain gives Raziel the Reaver blade, because this was the moment when Kain was fated to be killed by him. Raziel's hands are pulled, as the sword draws near Kain to kill him. Kain sits to the floor, waiting for Raziel to Kill him. Raziel uses all his strength and strikes the blade on William's sarcophagus. Soon, everything starts to shake. Kain explains that history abhorred a paradox, and is reshuffling itself to accommodate the changes caused by Raziel's decision. Kain tells Raziel he must seek his own answers and leaves. Raziel decides to go to the past to meet Janos Audron, the one who created the Reaver. He finds Moebius and orders him to operate the Time Streaming Device to take him to the past, but Moebius sends him to the future, one-hundred years after Kain's decision. Raziel travels in the wasteland trying to find a way back to past, and once again meets Kain, who were following him. Kain tells him Janos holds the answers he seek, but dark forces are trying to stop both of them from fulfilling their destinies.

He also tells that Moebius was just a puppet of “them”. Raziel manages to go back to the Age of Sarafan, fifty years before Kain's decision, and finally meets with Janos, who explains that he is destined to save Nosgoth and the Reaver was forged to be his weapon. They are interrupted by the Sarafan Inquisitors, who capture Janos and take Janos's heart. Raziel then sees his human self, swearing to retrieve the heart and kill them all. On the Sarafan Stronghold, he finds the Reaver but is held back by Moebius and Malek, who leave him to confront the Inquisitors. Raziel, armed with the Reaver, kills the Inquisitors and his human self, but then the Reaver turn on him and starts absorbing his soul. Just then he realizes he is the soul-devouring entity inside the Soul Reaver.

Kain appears, and tells Raziel to give on to the blade. When his soul become one with the blade, the space-distortion occurs, signing a paradox is in motion. Kain then takes the blade out of Raziel, creating a paradox. As history reshuffles, new memories start to bloom on Kain's mind, who is horrified by it, telling they had just fallen in the trap of the Hylden. Kain warns Raziel to not resurrect Janos, but Raziel goes back to the spectral realm, very weakened by the sword.


Kain, stranded in the Age of Sarafan, goes to the Sarafan Stronghold, expecting to find Moebius to learn where Raziel is. He finds Moebius in an underground chamber. Moebius uses his staff to paralyze Kain and threatens him, telling him his messianic delusions had blinded him to Raziel's true nature. He leaves Kain behind, but Kain goes after him, finding him again in the tower of the stronghold. Before Moebius can do anything, he telekinetically removes Moebius's Staff and demands to know where Raziel is. Moebius claims that Raziel was not in that era, and that he was not what Kain thought he was. After Kain asks for proof, Moebius tells him to go west to the Pillars and vanishes.

Without much choice, Kain goes there, but finds only an empty vista. He initially believes this was just a bad joke by the time-streamer, but he sees a stone tablet with the carving of the Balance Emblem. Kain collects all fragments of the emblem and fits them on the tablet. As the fog disappears, he finally sees the ancient Vampire Citadel. Kain goes to the citadel and breaks on the inner chamber, where a voice calls him. Claiming to be the oracle of Kain's ancestors, this voice tells Kain he can read on his mind and knows he is after Raziel. The voice shows an image of Raziel in the pool, telling Raziel is fifty years in the future, looking for Janos's heart. The voice creates a portal and tells Kain to step on it if he wants to stop Raziel. Kain obviously doesn't trust this so-called oracle, but since he had no choice he goes into the portal, arriving in Avernus in the Blood Omen era. He meets with Raziel, who is under the influence of the Hylden in the place. Raziel is infuriated and wants to kill Kain there and now, but Kain tries to reason with him, telling him he is once again being manipulated. Kain is forced to fight with Raziel, and after a big struggle, he knocks Raziel.

Raziel, in a swift attack, takes out Kain's heart, which is actually the heart of Janos Audron that he had been looking for. He pushes Kain, who falls into a portal and disappears. Just then Raziel snaps back and notices he had being manipulated again. Kain awakes in a strange place, where voices threaten him. He notices that he is in the Demon Dimension, and manages to escape. Kain feels compelled to go to the Vampire Citadel, going there unaware of what had happened there. Kain enters the inner chamber, and finds Moebius, who were apparently resurrected, talking with someone. Kain impales him, but Moebius claims that he serves one who has power over death. Kain examines Moebius's Staff, but Moebius rises again. Kain instinctively impales him, but then his looks change into Raziel. He tries to take out the blade, but Raziel impedes him, telling him he will need the Soul Reaver to fight the "True Enemy".

Raziel uses his spirit-imbued wraith blade to purify Kain from his corruption, as his soul becomes one with the Reaver. Just then, Kain is able to see The Elder God for the first time. Kain then understands that he is the true enemy and engages the large creature in combat, slicing his tentacles and attacking his eye. The Elder God tries to bury Kain under the rubble, but Kain teleports himself out of the place. The true villain had been exposed, and for the first time in his entire life, Kain senses a bit of hope for Nosgoth

Powers/Abilities and Equipment

Kain is an incredibly powerful and skillful vampire, he could even be considered a God-Like being, he is a Truly immortal, has a great physical capacity in all senses, he has at his disposal, a great amount of magical abilities, he has thousands of years of experience, he is an expert strategist, he is great master of weapons, etc.


  • Superhuman Strength: Kain as a vampire possesses great physical strength, far superior to that of humans. As a young man he is capable of moving rocks of a few tens of tons easily. As Elder was able to humiliate Raziel effortlessly with only one hand, Raziel is able to knock down a large stone obelisk of several hundred to a thousand tons with little effort, and Kain's strength increases with time and by drinking blood. He should be able to move more than 20,000 tons and should destroy buildings with his fists.
  • Superhuman Speed: Kain has a much higher speed than humans and even other vampires, being Elder after his heart was ripped out, he was able to fight and defeat multiple Lightning Demons, which move and attack at the speed of real lightning.
  • Superhuman Durability: Kain has superhuman durability being a vampire, being young he was able to withstand attacks from Soul Reaver sword, a sword that his energy should be able to destroy multiple large buildings. Its durability increases with Age and drinking blood, as Elder should be able to resist attacks that destroy mountains easily.
  • Superhuman Stamina: Kain as a vampire has superhuman stamina, being able to face and defeat groups and even entire armies of soldiers easily
  • Superhuman Jump: Kain is able to jump tens of meters
  • Mastery with weapons: Kain is known for being an expert swordsman,using his sword "The Soul Reaver",has been able to defeat,highly trained soldier armies easily,and has been improving his mastery in it for thousands of years,however,Kain in his youth has used other weapons quite well, be they short,medium or long swords,one-handed axes,either normal or double, two-handed axes,maces, clubs,sticks and probably bows, All these weapons Kain learned to use safely, since he was a nobleman, and was a knight for more than 10 years.
  • Unarmed combat: This is undoubtedly Kain's weakest point, although he is not bad at fighting without weapons, he also has nothing special, he has been able to defeat highly trained soldiers, using only his hands effortlessly, however whenever he can, Kain will prefer to use some weapon or Telekinesis/Magic. Thanks to his evolved claws, this is improved, as he can stab/cut his enemies with them.
  • General Combat: Kain relies mainly on his sword, his telekinesis, the form of Mist,as well as teleportation, as his regular form of combat, however, if the enemy is powerful or is at a disadvantage, Kain will not hesitate to use all his powers, this was seen in Blood Omen 2 and the fights he had against Raziel, in which he fought using magic.
  • Stealth mastery: Kain is very good at infiltrating, he has been able to go through entire cities, with highly trained soldiers, undetected, camouflaging himself with the environment, and he managed to inflict several times on fortresses full of soldiers, also undetected.
  • Strategist/Tactician: While Kain is arrogant, he is not stupid, Kain is a general and a very good strategist, that was shown in the Blood Omen 2 boss fights, where Kain was at disadvantange an had to improvise strategies to defeat his opponents. feat was conquist Nosgoth (a super Continent) with his Lieutenants (6 Vampires) in 100 years, even when the humans had killed all the vampires in and having to deal with all the other Nosgoth creatures.
  • Intelligence: Kain is very intelligent,he was a Nobleman.Is an expert Tactican/Strategy. He can orchestrate many events against his foes across those timelines that eventually end with his victory. Kain has thousands of years of experience, conquests over a Nigh-Omniscient and multi-Dimensional entity (the Elder God),over a Nigh-Omnicient race (the Hylden) and also humans with Clairvoyance and Precognition (Moebius the Time-Streamer),in long term plans and having masterful insight into countless possibilities into the future while choosing the ones that do not harm him or those he wants preserved


The equipment of Kain in weapons and armor is quite standard, except for 3 in specific, the chaos armor, which returns the same amount of damage that Kain receives to the attacker, the Wraith armor that causes Kain's damage to be reduced to 50% , at the cost of its magical energy and its main weapon, The Soul Reaver, an indestructible sword that is capable of hurting beings of Universal/Multi-Universal,etc stature,Ignore the Durability,since with each blow,it absorbs the soul and life energy of the individual,the attacks multi-dimensionally, can increase his power by absorbing souls and among many other abilities, gives Kain the ability of Reality Warping.

  • Iron Sword: Kain's heirloom-quality blade he started out with back in the first Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain series.
  • Mace: This allows Kain to stun his enemies in close quarters combat.
  • Axes: These brutal duel-wielding weapons perfect for Kain to cut bloody swaths through multiple enemies.Kain can't use magic or items while duel-wielding these axes.
  • Flame Sword: More powerful then the Iron Sword in addition to the fact it causes fire damage to his foes.
  • The Soul Reaver

"Time fades even legend, and the origin of Soul Reaver has been lost long ago. But its purpose remains – to feed on the souls of any creature it strikes. Kindred, this blade and I."

―Kain —

The Soul Reaver.jpg

"The Soul Reaver, Kain's ancient blade – older than any of us, and a thousand times more deadly. The legends claimed that the blade was possessed, and thrived by devouring the souls of its victims. For all our bravado, we knew what it meant when Kain drew the Soul Reaver in anger – it meant you were dead."


The most powerful weapon in Kain's arsenal,The Reaver, and, later, the Soul Reaver, is a weapon which has appeared in every title in the Legacy of Kain series.It is a flamberge-class sword with a broad, undulating serpentine blade.The Reaver was originally an enchanted sword, forged by Vorador at the Ancient vampires' behest to destroy their prophesied adversary, the Hylden champion. It could drain its victims' Blood, but was altered when it absorbed the soul of the time-traveling wraith Raziel. Hereafter, Raziel's spirit inhabited the blade, and it obtained the ability to devour the souls of those it struck. Much later in Nosgoth's history, when Kain attacked Raziel with the physical blade, it proved unable to devour its younger self, and shattered, releasing Raziel's soul (the Wraith Blade).The sword's passage through time is a complicated one, and its existence has been, and will be, entwined with Raziel's for all infinity within the Nosgoth universe.

Powers & Abilities

  • Indestructible: The sword is forged with metal and the energy of the Pillars of Nosgoth, making the sword (like the pillars), indestructible. The Sword only can be broken by a paradox, like fighting with another Soul Reaver or absorbing its own soul (i.e. absorbing Wraith Raziel).
  • Sharp & Power: It is sharp enough, to cleanly cut other metal swords, and one person in two. The base energy of the sword has the power of an atomic bomb.
  • Blood and Soul Absorption/Manipulation: The sword was empowered with vampire magic, allowing it to absorb the blood of whoever it strikes. After absorbing Wraith Raziel, the sword gained the ability to absorb the soul of those it struck, even if there are no wounds, completely ignoring the durability of the enemy. When a creature is impaled, the sword removes their entire soul/souls from their body and then absorbs it.The sword also has the ability to increase its power by striking foes and absorbing their blood/souls.
  • Multi/Interdimensional attacks: By absorbing the soul of wraith Raziel, the sword is made of two parts, "The material/physical" and the "spectral". This means the sword attacks in a multi-dimensional way, attacking in the spectral and material realm at the same time, damaging both physical and non-physical beings.
  • Energy Projection/Manipulation: The sword can project energy in two ways, either with long distance projectiles, or a powerful explosion of energy.
  • Life Force Absorption: The sword can drain life energy through nicks and scratches.
  • Balance Emblem: The sword has access to various abilities thanks to an artifact called the "Balance Emblem". This emblem is made of 5 pieces, with the central piece being "Balance" and the other four being "Time (Blue)", "Dimension (Green)", "Lightning/Energy (Yellow)" and "Flame (Conflict)", and each gives the Soul Reaver a unique power:
    • Balance: Surrounds the reaver with red energy that increases the damage that the sword can deal. Allows it to make an explosion of energy, and can also destroy holy barriers in a single hit.
    • Dimension: Allows Kain to make a Dimensional teleportation and attack several enemies consecutively, ignoring the speed of the enemy. Also, the green energy that surrounds the sword when it attacks reflects the damage onto nearby enemies.
    • Flame (Conflict): The sword is surrounding by fire, with its hits setting fire to the nearby enemies for a short time. It also gives Kain the ability to use pyrokinesis at long range, and can induce anger in nearby enemies to make them attack each other.
    • Lightning (Energy): Creates a burst of lightning rays that attack close enemies and allows summon lightning from the sky.
    • Time: Struck enemies become slower, and the sword an slow down the time in the area.
  • Elemental Manipulation: The sword can also manipulate the elements of air, fire, ice, light, earth, darkness and spirit.
    • Light Reaver: Blinds enemies one by one or in a radius, as well as operating crystal oriented devices.
    • Dark Reaver: Make the user invisible, can create matter from darkness, and creates mini-shadows that chase and hit enemies.
    • Fire Reaver: His strikes burns enemies and can make a explosion of fire.
    • Air Reaver: His strikes create whirlwinds and can make a tornado. Can destroy earth and ice element barriers.
    • Water Reaver: His attacks freeze enemies and can make a explosion of ice. Able to freeze waterfalls.
    • Earth Reaver: Grants the user control over his own weight, used to create earth bridges, and can create earthquakes. His attacks also reflect onto nearby enemies.
    • Spirit Reaver: The only Reaver attuned to the Balance element, formed by the combination of every soul of the Balance Guardians and The Wraith Blade. Can purify, increases the power of the Blade, and can make a super explosion of energy.

All the elemental Reavers have their own elemental projectile.

  • Reality Warping: The most powerful ability that the Sword has. The sword being in contact with another version of itself (whether physical or spectral), has the ability to distort reality, creating a time paradox that "warps and bend reality".

  • Iron Armor: Kain's standard armor back in Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain,Forged with Hell-Fire by the Necromancer Mortanius,gives kain high protection and resistance to fire.
    • Bone Armor: When Kain is wearing this armor, weaker undead enemies will ignore him instantly the moment they are within radius.
    • Chaos Armor: When Kain is wearing this armor, any enemy that attacks him will take the same amount of damage he takes.
    • Flesh Armor: When Kain is wearing this armor, it causes victims near-by to be instantly sucked from their blood, replenishing Kain's health.
    • Wraith Armor: When Kain is wearing this armor, it causes him to take 50% the normal amount of damage at the cost of his mana.

  • Flay: Flay artefacts were projectiles that homed in on an enemy, then ripped the flesh from its bones. Kain as Elder can make Flay without using artefacts.
  • Implode: If these projectiles struck an enemy, their body rapidly compressed. The remains exploded when the internal pressure became too great to be contained.
  • Font of Putrescence: These artefacts were homing projectiles that caused enemies to decompose upon contact. The pool left by their dissolved bodies acted as a trap, promising the same fate to anyone that stood in it
  • Pentaliche of Tarot: Tarot randomly picked how Kain's enemies would die. There were five different outcomes that could be dealt, and it killed all assailants who were in close proximity to Kain. From observation, it appeared that the five outcomes were as follows:
    • Flay.
    • Dissolve (Font of Putrescence).
    • Implode.
    • Explode into lots of tiny bits (like Flay, but with no skeleton left).
    • Exploding dismemberment (bigger bits left than 4, like when the Soul Reaver was used).
  • Anti-Toxin: If Kain became poisoned, Anti-Toxin was the cure. These artefacts were particularly useful around Dark Eden, where Kain was frequently poisoned by the mutant inhabitants.
  • Energy Bank: These artefacts filled Kain's magic reserves for a while, but when their effect faded, Kain was left with no magical energy at all. Despite this disadvantage, the Energy Banks were valuable for use with the Soul Reaver. They ensured Kain had the magical energy needed for the sword to show its full potencial.
  • Heart of Darkness: The Heart of Darkness cards are representations of the relic, (from the true heart of Janos Audron), these cards have the same power as the original heart "restore vampiric unlife", the hearts serve as a resurrection for Kain, if he is killed, he instantly resurrects, giving him enough "life" to be able to fight, Kain can also use the hearts to heal himself and recover all his energy.

    • Shape-shifting: Kain can change his form into:
      • Mist Form: With the form of Mist, Kain becomes intangible against physical attacks and projectiles, as well as magical/energy attacks (he is only intangible to magic and energy when purified and converted into Scion of Balance when the Mist form is upgraded). He also becomes immune to water and can pass through bars. It allows Kain to move faster than normal, and he can activate and deactivate the form instantly. Normally, Kain cannot attack in this form, but if he is in contact with natural mist, he can do so while maintaining his intangibility. He also can use this form to make "Stealth Kills"
      • Bat Form: Kain can turn into a band of bats, allowing him to travel across large distance quickly. If the body of Kain suffers major damage, he decomposes and reforms into bats, regenerating instantly.
      • Wolf Form: Kain can turn into a big black werewolf. In this form, he can move more quickly than normal, jump meters of distance, and can attack with his claws. The Werewolf form become much more powerful during full moon.
      • Disguise Form/Beguile:
        • Disguise Form: Changes Kain's appearance to that of a human, useful for infiltration and finding information. This ability doesn't allow Kain to attack.
        • Beguile: Is an improved version of the previous spell, allowing Kain to attack while being used. This spell does not change the appearance of Kain, but manipulates the perception of others, making them see Kain as a different and living person.
    • Telekinesis: Kain can move objects by "sheer will alone":
      • Kain, as with all Vampires of Nosgoth, can attack enemies internally, damaging their insides or drawing their blood, and can move objects to closer distances.
        • After drinking the blood of the Seer, Kain's telekinesis was greatly improved:
        • Now can manipulate objects from longer distances.
        • Able to move heavier objects.
        • Can make a telekinetic projectile, able to kill a normal human in one strike.
        • As an Elder his telekinesis improved even more:
        • Can keep people in the air and move them in all directions.
        • A far stronger telekinetic projectile.
        • Can manipulate and destroy big rocks, simply by moving his hand.
        • Now has much more control, being able to disarm the enemy as well as hang them in the air.
        • Can make tlekinetic explosions of low or high potency, able to be throwt tens of meters to the objective.
        • Kinetic Shackles: Kain create chains of force that immobilize the enemy in the air, regardless of what Kain does.
    • Teleportation: A normal teleportation that Kain can use for movement or for combat. The time to perform the technique varies, but is usually less than 1 second. The method of performance also varies, sometimes having Kain close his hands, and other times using only his mind.
    • Repel: Creates an energy field that makes Kain invulnerable and reflects magical spells and physical projectiles.
    • Soul Death: Casts a projectile that remove the soul from the target.
    • Mind Control: With this spell, Kain can throw a magic projectile that allows him to replace a human's soul with his own, completely taking control of his victim's body and its actions. While possessing an enemy, Kain's soul-absent body is protected against all damage by a Repel barrier. The body possessed by Kain will immediately perish if it sustains enough damage or if the spell's grip was released, allowing him to regain control of his real body.
    • Spirit Wrack: Could be considered an upgraded version of the Control Mind spell, because it allows Kain to fire a magical projectile that replaces any creature's soul with his own, taking full control of his victim's body. Like the Control Mind spell, while his soul is absent, Kain's body will be fully protected by a Repel-like barrier; and if he decides to release his grip from the possessed body or if it sustains enough damage, that body will inevitably perish.
    • Blood Manipulation & Drinking: Kain is able to remove the blood of creatures from a distance to drink, and can also use his own blood as a weapon.
    • Slow Time: All enemies and creatures in the area move at a quarter of their normal speed for a limited time.
    • Incapacitate: Cast a projectile that freezes to the creature in time.
    • Mind Manipulation: Kain can make enemies attack each other.
    • Energy Bolt: This spell allows Kain to throw an energy projectile towards enemies in a straight-line course. The projectile can be used to activate switches located in unreachable places, and was able to explode armored human into pieces.
    • Lightning: Summons thunderbolts from the sky, that fall at great speed and disintegrate enemies. This spell can only be used in open areas.
    • Stun: Causes a mental shock, which leaves the victim stunned. Also work with ghosts.
    • Light: Kain creates artificial light, allowing him to illuminate an entire area for several seconds, useful for avoiding traps and ambushes in dark places.
    • Sanctuary: This spell enables him to teleport back to his grave from any place in Nosgoth. If Kain's health is very low, this spell also partially refills his blood vial when used.
    • Jump/Super Leap: Allows Kain to jump great distances.
    • Floating: Allows Kain to silently land near enemies and strike undetected. The ability can also be used to slightly extend the range of Kain's jump.
    • Statistics Amplification:
      • Fury: Allows Kain make a much more powerful strike than normal, with his hands or a weapon.
      • Berserk: Allows Kain to attack and move more quickly than normal.
    • Charm: Charm is the ability to "subjugate [mortal] minds" and control their actions, as long as they are nearby.
    • Phasing/Immaterial: Kain has a "Phasing" ability. When the Hylden Lord try to cut to Kain in two, the sword only went through him. Although Kain was incapacitated, it's because he was very young and was attacked with Glyph magic, which is deadly to vampires.
    • Immolate: Creates a ring of fire that lifts the enemy in the air, and then sets them aflame.
    • Absorbing Veins/Power Absorption: When Kain drinks the "Life-Force" or "Blood" of a powerful creature, he "absorbs their veins" and gains the "Dark Gift" (special power) of the creature. Vampires can normally only "absorb the veins" of other vampires, as only they possess "Dark Gifts", but Kain, by drinking the blood of the Seer (a Hylden), gained her telekinetic powers. Therefore, Kain can absorb powers of other races as well as vampires.
    • Vampire Lore: Kain has all vampiric abilities, gaining physical strength, endurance and recovery from drinking Blood.
    • Evolution: Rather than evolving slowly over time, vampires experience periods of accelerated metamorphosis, actually entering cocoon-like stages from which they emerge transformed, developing new dark gifts and abilities corresponding to their individual traits, and increasing their previous physical & magical capabilities.
    • Non-Physical Interaction: Kain is able to see, interact with, and even destroy spirits. He can see and touch the spirit of the previous Balance Guardian, Ariel, as well as interact with and destroy other ghosts. Kain also is able to destroy creatures that are made from shadows.
    • Dimensional Travel: Kain is able to go to the spectral plane, and interact with the souls there.
    • Soul Necromancy: Kain is able to divide his own soul into several fragments. These fragments united with the soul of a corpse can resurrect it. In addition to transforming it into a vampire, the person that Kain resurrects with this method gains much of Kain's raw powers and abilities. However, this process leaves him quite exhausted, needing to rest or consume blood to recover. Likewise, as many times as he does this, he will have to give a smaller and smaller portion of his soul, and therefore the resuscitated is less powerful. This was the ability that Kain used to revive the six Priest Sarafan, who would later become his six vampire lieutenants.
    • Lightning Manipulation/Generation: Kain can cast 2 types (moreso 1 variation) of electric rays from his hands:
      • Powerful short-range rays: This reaches 3 meters away, weakening, killing and/or immobilizing the target.
      • Rays of long range: Kain uses this when the enemy is far away. He can control the direction and speed of the lightning, although this attack is a little less powerful than the short range Rays:
        • Yellow: Is done with two hands, Kain controls its speed and movement.
        • Violet: Is a little more powerful than yellow. Kain can control direction, but not speed.

    These rays take time to charge, yellow takes 4 seconds to cast and violet takes 1.8 seconds.

    • Flay: Flay artifacts are projectiles that home in on an enemy, then rip the flesh from its bones. Kain as an Elder can make Flay without using artifacts.

    Note: The powers from "Repel" to "Immolate", should be at a much higher power/scale/effectiveness, as Kain is evolving over the years, those powers were when he was 30 and 430 years old respectively (200 of those years were spent in a coma), and now he is more than 2000 years old


    When Raziel purified Kain with the Spirit Reaver (Raziel's wraith Blade, combined with all the souls of the Balance Guardians), Kain was "elevated" to a higher state, going from being a Guardian Balance to a Scion of Balance.

    • Universal Balance: As a Scion of Balance, Kain "Balances the entire Universe" (i.e. is a creature of universal power).
    • Power Bestowal and Nullification/Erasure: Kain as a Scion of Balance can "create" Guardians (giving them the power of his respective pillar) and also "destroy" pillar Guardians (take away their powers).
    • Purification: Kain can purify other beings as a Scion of Balance
    • Passive Reality Warping and Acausality Types 1 & 2: Kain was purified with a variant of the Soul Reaver inside his body. He also uses the Soul Reaver sword. By joining two Soul Reavers, it creates a time paradox powerful enough to "Warp and Bend Reality". Kain is "Out of Destiny" thanks to having the soul of two Raziels, and is a Walking Time-Paradox, so he should be like Raziel. Raziel is free from the Wheel of Fate and the circle of Life and Death, and thus is no longer bounded by or affected by fate, including the flawless precognition of Moebius and the Elder God. Additionally, due to having his own soul bounded to his arm, he exist in a paradoxical state, being unaffected by time paradoxes and is capable of changing an otherwise immutable timeline

    Kain as Scion of Balance, balance the entities of his world (allowing him to create/destroy guardians), and has access to the power of the "Pillars of Nosgoth", though to a lesser extent than the pure guardians known as The Circle of Nine:

    There are 9 pillars in total. The Pillars are the physical manifestation of the "Divine Forces/Entities" of the world, being indestructible. Each one has a Guardian, these guardians being known as "The Circle of Nine". Each guardian is connected to his pillar, either physically (giving him powers and longevity) or spiritually (if a guardian gets corrupted, the pillar will too).

    The Pillars are inextricably tied to the health of the land; their integrity, or lack thereof, directly influences the balance of the world.

    Each Pillar, and their respective Guardian, was assigned to a principle:

    Mind, Dimension, Conflict, Nature, Balance, Energy, Time, States and Death.


    Description: They influenced the regulation of other magic in Nosgoth, and were charged with pruning the corrupted forces of the Circle.


    Balance Guardians could draw upon other Guardians' abilities in order to kill off those who went astray.

    Was the souls of the balance guardian that purified kain,that allows he, use all the powers of the rest circle members.


    Description: The Mind guardian; They were charged with reigning over the limitless power of thought, consciousness, and emotion.


    • Telepathy and Empathy: The Guardian has Telepathy, can commune with peoples only with his mind.The mind Guardian also is "Hypersensitive to peoples' emotions and thoughts", Basically, the guardian passively knows the thoughts and emotions of the people/creatures around him.
    • Telekinesis: Able to move/manipulate objects with the mind.Can move multiple objects in different directions. It's powerful enough to rip apart and mutilate humans.
    • Illusion Creation/Psychosomatic Illusion: The guardian has the ability to create illusions.The illusions make real damage with his strikes and abilities.
      • Mental Simulacrum: The Guardian create copies of himself. These copies are destroyed from one strike.
      • Psychic Spheres: The Guardian create a great amount of psychic spheres to strike the enemy.
      • Likely many more illusions.


    Description: The Dimension guardian ;They were charged with controlling and defining the very boundaries, consistency, and form of space itself.


    • Dimensional View: They have the ability to see/perceive different dimensions.
    • Dimensional Travel: Able to move/travel between dimensions at will.
    • Portal and Dimensional doors creation: Can create portals and doors to others dimensions.
    • Summoning and Dimensional Banishment: The Guardian is able to summon/send creatures from/to other dimensions with portals. The items summoned would depend on the guardian's life, as the demons Azimuth (a Dimension Guardian) summoned were banished upon her death. Thus the beings summoned are loyal to the guardian, as the guardian was their umbilical cord to the land of Nosgoth.
    • Space/Spatial Manipulation: The Guardian can "Control and define the very boundaries, consistency, and form of space itself".
    • Spatial Rift: An instant teleportation.
    • Energy Projection: The Guardian is able to cast energy-based guided projectiles.


    Description: The Conflict Guardian; they were charged with presiding over the precepts of change and upheaval.


    • Draw energy from the battle: The ability of the Pillar of Conflict allows the guardian to "Draw energy from the battle".Which basically gives him infinite energy / stamina since while he or others fight around, he absorbs energy.
    • Emotional/Empathic manipulation: The Conflict Guardian has the ability to "Incite or resolve Wars/Battles/Arguments" They can inspire hate/rage/anger among the enemies, causing them to attack each other and can make a spell that cause calm .
    • Call Shadows: The Guardian can summon allies to the battle, like four Shades (special types of shadows)
    • Offensive and Defensive Magic: The guardian can cast magic to fight, like energy projection (small Projectiles or walls of energy) and fire manipulation.
    • Discard Bolt: The Guardian is invulnerable when casting these single seeking projectiles.


    Description: The nature guardian; they were charged with governing over plants, animals, and all forms of natural life in Nosgoth, and manipulates the behavior of life and the elements.

    • Nature/Life/Biological Manipulation: Through his magic he can change the nature of life itself, animating and warping plants, trees, etc., and influencing animals, who"Influence Nature.
      • Plant Manipulation: User can, shape and manipulate plants, including wood, vines, plants, moss, and parts of the plants, such as leaves, seeds, roots, fruits and flowers. The user can cause plants to grow, move/attack or even rise from the soil and "walk", mutate plants by rearranging DNA structure and revive withered or dead plants. They can use their power for defense and support, cause flowers and other plants to bloom instantaneously, manipulate tree branches to use them as whip-like weapons, control spores and pollen, and bring plants back to life and make them sprout seeds/fruits/berries, use plant chemicals to heal people/objects or manipulate their properties for a wide range of effects.
        • Tentacle Manipulation: The Guardian can summon inter-dimensional tentacles, which move between the material and spectral planes, trapping and immobilizing the enemy, and slowly taking away their life energy.
      • Forest Manipulation: User can create, shape and manipulate the forest (including jungles, taiga, rainforests, woodlands, etc.) and everything in them, including all the aspects of the forests, from the purely physical ones and also mythical/conceptual ones.
      • Animal Manipulation/Lordship: The user has total domain and control over all beasts and animals around the world, they have unlimited control and power over all manner of creatures ranging from the mundane to the most powerful and mythical. They control them to do their bidding like, help them during situations, use them against foes, use them to see locations and get information about a particular place, use them for flight. Some can see through the creatures eyes that is controlled, allowing them to spy on others. User can also understand or communicate with them, hence creating and strengthening friendships.
      • Biological Manipulation: They can "Warp creatures growth and abilities",Creating "new and weird life forms for his own purposes".
      • Poison manipulation: Can create creatures and plants that throw it.

    An example of these abilities are the creatures and plants in proximity to the Dark Eden:

    The creatures range from fat viscous monsters that move like slugs, creatures that shoot a poisonous projectile, plants that release a poisonous toxin, and humanoid creatures which shoot omnidirectional bumps from their bodies.

    • Communion with Nature/Natural Empathy: The guardian has the ability to commune with nature like plants, animals, etc.
    • Elemental Manipulation: The guardian can manipulate the elements, at least in regards to fire, water, earth, air, snow, and lightning. Can likely manipulate all fundamental elements in Nosgoth, including light, ice, and darkness. Can also induce Volcanic eruptions, so he also can manipulate Magma.
    • Weather Manipulation: The Nature Guardian has "The weather itself at his behest". They can sense, create, shape, and manipulate weather, i.e. the meteorological patterns, creating rain, wind, hail, lightning, snow, sleet, fog and temperature changes.This includes the ability to generate various natural phenomena like tornados, or control the intensity of the weather in highly concentrated (inside room) or vastly extended (continental) areas.

    There are four main factors of Weather manipulation:

    • Air Manipulation - for wind and related effects.
    • Electricity Manipulation - lightning in all variations.
    • Thermal Manipulation - make it cold or hot.
    • Water Manipulation - rain, snow, fog, etc.

    Summon Natural Phenomena: The Nature guardian can summon natural phenomena for combat.

    "A natural phenomenon is not an engineered event manufactured by humans,although it may affect them. Common examples of natural phenomena include sunrise,the weather,decomposition, free fall and erosion.Most natural phenomena,such as fog,are relatively harmless so far as humans are concerned.Various types of natural phenomena, including the following: Geological phenomena,Meteorological phenomena ,Oceanographic phenomena"

    Types of natural phenomena include:

    Weather,fog,thunder,tornadoes; biological processes,decomposition, germination; physical processes, wave propagation,erosion;tidal flow,[moonbow] and natural disasters such as electromagnetic pulses,volcanic eruptions,and earthquakes.

    List of Natural phenomena:

    • Erosion Manipulation: The user can manipulate the natural processes of erosion and weathering, speeding or slowing it, reshaping rocks or landforms in different ways. They can also control how the erosion or weathering happens, giving the user control of how they wants to erode or weather rocks and landforms.

    Physical phenomena:

    • Gravity - ( Gravity Manipulation ): User can create, shape and manipulate gravity, a natural phenomenon by which all matter is brought together, toward one another. If they exist, the user may be able to manipulate gravitons, hypothetical elementary particles that mediate the force of gravitation.
    • Boiling - Boiling is the rapid vaporization of a liquid, which occurs when a liquid is heated to its boiling point, the temperature at which the vapour pressure of the liquid is equal to the pressure exerted on the liquid by the surrounding atmosphere.
    • Freezing - Freezing is a phase transition where a liquid turns into a solid when its temperature is lowered below its freezing point. In accordance with the internationally established definition, freezing means the solidification phase change of a liquid or the liquid content of a substance, usually due to cooling
    • Crystal growth - Crystal growth is the process where a pre-existing crystal becomes larger as more growth units (e.g. molecules, ions) add in their positions in the crystal lattice or a solution is developed into a crystal and further growth is processed.

    Chemical phenomena:

    • Oxidation - Redox (reduction–oxidation),is a type of chemical reaction in which the oxidation states of atoms are changed. Redox reactions are characterized by the transfer of electrons between chemical species, most often with one species (the reducing agent) undergoing oxidation (losing electrons) while another species (the oxidizing agent) undergoes reduction (gains electrons).The chemical species from which the electron is stripped is said to have been oxidized, while the chemical species to which the electron is added is said to have been reduced. In other words: Oxidation: is the loss of electrons or an increase in the oxidation state of an atom by another atom, an ion, or a molecule.
    • Reduction: is the gain of electrons or a decrease in the oxidation state of an atom by another atom, an ion, or a molecule.
    • Rusting - Rust is an iron oxide, a usually red oxide formed by the redox reaction of iron and oxygen in the presence of water or air moisture. Several forms of rust are distinguishable both visually and by spectroscopy, and form under different circumstances.

    Biological phenomena:

    • Decomposition - the process by which organic substances are broken down into a much simpler form of matter
    • Metabolism - the set of life-sustaining chemical reactions in organisms. The three main purposes of metabolism are: the conversion of food to energy to run cellular processes; the conversion of food/fuel to building blocks for proteins, lipids, nucleic acids, and some carbohydrates; and the elimination of nitrogenous wastes.
    • Catabolism - the set of metabolic pathways that breaks down molecules into smaller units that are either oxidized to release energy or used in other anabolic reactions. Catabolism breaks down large molecules (such as polysaccharides, lipids, nucleic acids and proteins) into smaller units (such as monosaccharides, fatty acids, nucleotides, and amino acids, respectively).Catabolism is the breaking-down aspect of metabolism, whereas anabolism is the building-up aspect.
    • Anabolism - the set of metabolic pathways that construct molecules from smaller units. These reactions require energy, known also as an endergonic process.Anabolism is the building-up aspect of metabolism, whereas catabolism is the breaking-down aspect.
    • Fermentation – The process of converting sugar to acids, gases and/or alcohol.
    • Growth - The term cell growth is used in the contexts of biological cell development and cell division (reproduction). When used in the context of cell development, the term refers to increase in cytoplasmic and organelle volume, as well as increase in genetic material following the replication during S phase. This is not to be confused with growth in the context of cell division, referred to as proliferation, where a cell, known as the "mother cell", grows and divides to produce two "daughter cells".
    • Natural Disasters: User can create, shape and manipulate all forms of natural disasters, including avalanches, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, hydrological disasters, meteorological disasters, wildfires, health disasters, space disasters, etc.
      • Avalanche Creation: The user has the ability to create/generate avalanches (also called a snowslide or snowslip), which is a rapid flow of snow down a sloping surface.Avalanches are typically triggered in a starting zone from a mechanical failure in the snowpack (slab avalanche) when the forces on the snow exceed its strength but sometimes only with gradually widening (loose snow avalanche). After initiation, avalanches usually accelerate rapidly and grow in mass and volume as they entrain more snow. If the avalanche moves fast enough some of the snow may mix with the air forming a powder snow avalanche, which is a type of gravity current
      • Drought Creation: The user can create droughts: an extended period when a region receives a deficiency in its water supply, whether atmospheric, surface or ground water. A drought can last for months or years, or may be declared after as few as 15 days.
      • Earthquake Generation: The user can create earthquakes at will.
      • Eruption Inducement: Users can cause volcanic eruptions, sending out lava and ash, they can do this by either awakening existing volcanoes or making a new one to cause an eruption.
      • Epidemic Creation: The user can create epidemic, rapid spread of infectious disease to a large number of people in a given population within a short period of time, usually two weeks or less.
      • Flood Creation: The user can create flood: an overflow of water that submerges land which is usually dry. Floods Directive defines a flood as a covering by water of land not normally covered by water. The primary effects of flooding include loss of life, damage to buildings and other structures, including bridges, sewerage systems, roadways, and canals.
      • Hurricane Creation: The user can create hurricanes to cause massive damage, the strength of the hurricane depends on the power/skill of the user and the environmental factors.
      • Meteor Summoning: User can summon or create meteors causing massive and widespread damage.
      • Storm Manipulation: User can sense, create, shape and manipulate storms, including strong wind, hail, thunder and/or lightning (a thunderstorm), heavy precipitation (snowstorm, rainstorm), heavy freezing rain (ice storm), strong winds (tropical cyclone, windstorm), or wind transporting substance through the atmosphere as in a dust storm, blizzard, sandstorm, etc.
      • Storm Generation: The user is able to generate various storms of wind, rain, hail, snow, sand, dust, and lightning.
      • Supernova Inducement: The user is able to cause stars to go supernova, a stellar explosion that is more energetic than a nova. This explosion can end the entire solar system life,but not destroy it. Higher-level users may be able to cause even stars that are not massive enough to go supernova.
      • Tidal Wave/Tsunami Generation: The user can call forth huge water waves to crash down at their targets, washing everything away in a powerful torrent. Note that various fluid elements can be used to generate the tidal wave, including lava, sand, and blood.
      • Tornado Creation: The user can create tornadoes, whirlwinds and similar forms of wind storms.
      • Whirlpool Generation: The user can generate whirlpools, swirling bodies of water that can be used to attack or trap enemies.
    • Life Lordship: The Guardian of Nature, govern over ALL forms of natural life, has absolute control over life and all living things, allowing them to have limitless control over everyone and everything that is living, and can manipulate all things related to life.
      • Absolute Life Manipulation: User can create, shape and manipulate the lives of any/all things. User can bestow/grant/induce life or end, resurrect, change it, etc. Anything/Anyone that can even remotely or loosely be defined as being alive/living can be manipulated and shaped by this power.
        • All Animal-Based Abilities: The user has all the powers related to Animals
        • Cellular Manipulation: The user has all forms of Cellular Manipulation.
        • All Healing Powers: The user has all the powers related to Healing.
        • All Life Based Powers: The user has all the powers related to Life.
        • Organic Manipulation: The user has all forms of Organism Manipulation.
        • All Plant-based Powers: The user has all the powers related to Plants.


    Description: The energy guardian; her field of magical specialty is the harnessing and manipulation of energy.They ruled over the wild arching power that spawns the storm and sparks life itself.


    • Energy Projrction: The guardian can cast small projectiles of blue energy,that chase the enemy.
    • Lightning manipulation: the guadian can manipulate the electricity:
      • Lightning: Summon thunderbolts of the sky that fall at real speed and disintegrates enemies.
      • Sky Fury: This spell calls lightning from its fingertips to blast in the objetive direction. This is a fairly hard projectile to dodge due to its speed. It takes a long time to cast.
    • Creation: The guardian can manipulate the energy to create objects,this is see when a energy guardian (DeJoule) create spheres of energy to the combat,likely they can create other objects too.
    • Technology Manipulation: The guardian has the ability to draw energy and manipulate it to power objects / devices.
    • Energt Aura: The guardian has show to manipulate the energy to create at least 2 types of different auras:
      • Skin aura: the guardian can make a "skin of energy" that has different types of effect of who stay close of her: "This magical aura has an insidious effect on anybody standing nearby - sapping their energy and blistering their skin, sterilizing cells, etc".
      • Tempest's Cloak: Using its contrat over the omnipresent surges of energy, this Guardian can imbue its own body or the bodies of its allies with a shocking force. Any physical attack upon the effected target while in this state will cause just as much damage back upon the attacker.
    • Life Creation and Manipulation: The energy guardian can manipulate the forms of life and possibly also can create life: "They ruled over the wild arching power that spawns the storm and sparks life itself".


    Description: They were charged with keeping the flowing currents and movements of the temporal world in check.


    • Time Manipulation: The guardian can "Bend Time" manipulating the flow of time,they can Speed up time,Slow Down time to at least 4 times his normal speed,they can do this with a individual or in area,and posibly can stop time.
    • Nigh-Omniscience: The Role as Time Guardian,grants the user "A certain level of Omniscience",they can see and understan the Time-Stream,the time-stream are the paths of time,this allows them to see any place/person/event that they want perfectly, whether be in the past, present or future, there is no known time limit, they can see from seconds, minutes, to thousands of years in the past/future, they can do this,in infinte timelines. However,unlike watching the events in the cronoplast,surely they will not be able to see the "infinite timelines/possibilities",or if they can see them, they can't do it perfectly.
    • Illusions from the Past and Future: The guardian can create an "illusion" (copy) of the past or future of the different peoples,including his oponent,even if this, is far more stronger than the Guardian himself,he has control of the illusion,the illusion has the powers and physical abilities of the victim and can cause real damage.
    • Time Travel: The Time Guardian has "Control over Time Travel",creating machines to travel to the past and future,at will.


    Descrption: They were charged with presiding over the shapes and forms of all physical matter.


    • Matter State Manipulation: The State Guardian is able to shape and change the states of all Physical Matter (Solid,Liquid,Gaseous and Plasma) at will ,as well as can warp the states to make them different.
      • Air Solidification: The user can manipulate pressure in the air molecules to solidify the air, with the level of solidity going from loose jelly to metal-like hardness or beyond.
      • Condensation: User can condense gases into liquids, changing their state of matter from gas to liquids. This is how rain happens when it gets cold in the sky where the clouds are.
      • Deionization: The user can deionize atoms and molecules, which can be caused by simply cooling down plasma and ions into gases.
        • Allows create Air and Gas.
      • Evaporation: User can cause objects, including themselves and/or other beings, atoms separate and lose cohesion, "evaporating" into the surrounding environment. They can either fuse target back together or sublimate target by fatally dispersing the atoms/molecules into nothingness. During the process of vaporization and fusing, target may move to a new location, which is why this is often mistaken for teleportation.
      • Freezing: The user can reduce the kinetic energy of atoms meaning they effectively make things colder, ranging from slightly chilly levels to absolute zero.
      • Gas Manipulation: User can create, shape and manipulate anything that is gaseous, a phase of matter characterized by relatively low density, high fluidity/no definite shape, and lack of rigidity. Gas is very compressible but tends to expand indefinitely, and it fills any container.A small change in temperature or pressure produces a substantial change in its volume. The uses of this ability range from creating gas to camouflage to creating poison. Examples of Gases are: Air, Oxygen, Neon, Carbon Dioxide, Vapor, Nitrogen, Chlorine, Hydrogen, Helium and Smoke.
        • Explosion Inducement (creating flammable gases): The user can cause an explosion in a variety of ways and of any scale, with varying effects ranging from stunning to total annihilation.
        • Fire Negation (by manipulating oxygen gases required to make fire): The user can negate fire and any fire-using attacks, ignoring their effects on the user and stopping their effects on creatures, objects or places, such as stopping a building from burning down.
        • Gas Attacks: The user can release/use gaseous matter to attacks of various shapes and/or intensities, either projected, used as a part of melee attacks, etc.
        • Gas Constructs: Users can turn gases into tools, objects, weapons and other items, create semi-living constructs and/or create structures/buildings of varying permanence. Users who have mastered this ability can use it for almost any situation, creating anything they need.
        • Gas Generation: The user can generate various gases.
      • Ground Liquification: The user is able to liquefy any ground type (such as ice,rock,sand,lava,etc.). The Guardian is not only able to liquefy the ground,they can make them different,for example turn the earth into lava,etc.
      • Ionization: The user can ionize different types of atoms and molecules, which can be caused by simply heating up air/gas, electrical activity, or changes in the air's electric fields, etc. In other words, the user can create plasma that they can use as a ionized air channel/medium for to allow electric current to flow through, thereby creating electricity. They can tap into a variety of different energies, even cause certain ionization to produce positive electricity. They can also ionize different types of metal to create more efficient weapons.
        • Discharge: User can control the flow of electric charge through a gas, liquid or solid and other matters. Properties and effects of electric discharges are useful over a wide range of magnitudes. Tiny pulses of current are used to detect ionizing radiation. The user can release large quantities of electrical energies in radius wise to cause massive damage. The user can also formulate a current as to how the electrical energy flows and guide it as to where the user desires.
        • Prevalent Discharge: The user is capable of discharging destructive electrical energy that flows through the air negating all resistance that may be received from air or space. The destructive electrical energy is capable of destroying an entire area, region, village, town, city, country or world.
        • Electricity Generation: The user can generate electricity.
        • Heat Generation: The user can increase the kinetic energy of atoms, meaning they effectively make things hotter, ranging from slightly warm levels to absolute hot.
      • Liquid Manipulation: User can create, shape and manipulate anything that is liquid, the only state of matter with a definite volume but no fixed shape. A liquid is made up of tiny vibrating particles of matter, such as atoms and molecules, held together by intermolecular bonds. Like a gas, a liquid is able to flow and take the shape of a container, but unlike a gas, a liquid does not disperse to fill every space of a container, and maintains a fairly constant density. Some liquids resist compression, while others can be compressed. A distinctive property of the liquid state is surface tension, leading to wetting phenomena. Examples of liquids are: Water, Blood, Mercury, Acids, Milk,etc
        • Liquid Attacks: The user can release/use liquids to attacks of various shapes and/or intensities, either projected, used as a part of melee attacks, etc.
        • Liquid Constructs: Users can turn liquid into tools, objects, weapons and other items, create semi-living constructs and/or create structures/buildings of varying permanence. Users who have mastered this ability can use it for almost any situation, creating anything they need. Exact properties of the construct depends on what liquid is being used.
        • Liquid Generation: User is able to generate any liquid.
        • Viscosity Manipulation: The user can manipulate viscosity: the resistance of fluids to a change shape, influencing spraying, injection molding, and surface coating
      • Melting: User can liquefy objects/organisms by causing the molecules to merge together and thus lose total physical cohesion. Viscosity depends on the object being liquified, if it has a high water content then the object could become completely water-like liquid. If the object is rock-like or inorganic, then it will become a thick and mud-like liquid, while metal would become like mercury.
      • Petrification: The user can turn objects and living things into stone.
      • Plasma Manipulation: User can create, shape and manipulate plasma, a state of matter consisting of fully ionized gas of low density containing an approximately equal number of positive ions and electrons. It is important to note that although they are unbound, these particles are not ‘free’. When the charges move they generate electrical currents with magnetic fields, and as a result, they are affected by each other’s fields.
        • Burning (by producing hot plasma): The user can burn almost anything, they can heat up parts of objects or the bodies of creatures, and the whole object itself leaving only a pile of ashes.
        • Plasma Attacks: The user can release/use plasma to attacks of various shapes and/or intensities, either projected, used as a part of melee attacks, etc
        • Plasma Conversion: User can absorb plasma energy and convert it to any type of energy and vice versa meaning to absorb any type of energy and turn it into one of the lesser energies which comprise of basic plasma.
        • Plasma Radiation Manipulation: User can create, shape and manipulate radioactive plasma on the low end of the EM Spectrum, being neither a solid, liquid or truly a gas even by transition phase standards. Plasma radiation is volatile and corrosive, capable of emitting low level EM Field to disrupt electrical fields, atomic bonds and physical/immaterial cohesion aside from disruptive Electromagnetic Pulse's or Neutrino White Washing waves
        • Electromagnetism Manipulation (to control Plasma): User can create, shape and manipulate electromagnetism which (with the exception of gravitation) account for almost all physical phenomena observable to the unaided human senses, including light and other electromagnetic radiation, all of chemistry, most of mechanics (excepting gravitation), and of course magnetism and electricity. That being said, only a few truly powerful individuals are capable of reaching such heights of power, most users have to content themselves with lesser if still impressive abilities. Due to the intense versatility with electricity (such as electrocution, heat generation, computer, mind hacking, electrolysis etc) and magnetism (such as metal manipulation, magnetic levitation, atomic manipulation, attract and repel etc), electromagnetism is one of the most powerful and versatile abilities in existence.
      • Property Manipulation: The user can change the Properties of Matter (in this case of the states of matter), including density, color, shape, hardness, ductility, rigidness, etc. They can make things harder/stronger or weaker/more brittle, make metal stretch and rubber break as glass. They can make things hotter than the sun, or "so cold that it burns".
        • Color Manipulation: User can create, shape and manipulate colors, attribute of things that results from the light they reflect, transmit, or emit in so far as this light causes a visual sensation that depends on its wavelengths.
        • Density Manipulation: User can manipulate density, which is defined as mass per unit of volume. This allows them to alter solidity, change the size of substances, create or destroy matter/mass in a volume, change inertial resistance (mass), make things intangible, either strengthen or weaken gravity, concentrate or expand matter, or create pressure differences in a fluid (gas, liquid, plasma) to induce a current and possibly use it to move solids.
        • Disintegration: The user can cause targets (whether organic or inorganic material) to lose cohesion in various means.Some can make matter fall apart, wipe away their target on a molecular/sub-molecular level or even revert matter into pure energy. Regardless of the means, the target is reduced to either molecular/sub-molecular dust or energy but not absolutely annihilated.
        • Elasticity: The user is or can become extremely malleable and elastic, allowing them to stretch, flatten, deform, expand, and contract their whole body, including limbs, torso, neck, etc. They can control how elastic/flexible they or parts of them are, allowing them to change their bodies into various tools or other constructs. They are extremely hard to wound or hurt due to their body reflexively absorbing damage by stretching with attacks, but may still feel pain.
        • Granulation: The user can transform people and objects into small particles,ranging in size from relatively rough to fine dust.
        • Hardness Manipulation: User can manipulate the hardness of anything, allowing other things, people, or themselves to become as hard as diamond or as soft/malleable as rubber. The user can effectively make it so that whatever is being altered has higher defenses than they ever had before.
        • Mass Manipulation: The user can create/negate, shape and manipulate Mass, making it be dense or absolutely lightened while also retaining the associated properties. Users who can decrease their own mass can move easier through their environment and needn't worry about the gravity of planets. As mass determines gravitational strength, the user could gravitationally influence distance, matter and radiation as well.
        • Stiffness Manipulation: The user can manipulate the stiffness of targets, whether living or objects, meaning how hard it is to deform something. They can manipulate the stiffness of metal to make it very deform-able without breaking or make deform-able things such as rubber hard to deform.Petrification: The user can transform matter and objects, including living beings, into stone.
      • Semisolid Manipulation: User can create,shape and manipulate semisolids, semisolid-like object constructs as well as being able to generate or reshape semisolids.
      • Solid Manipulation: User can create, shape and manipulate anything that is solid, characterized by structural rigidity and resistance to changes of shape or volume. The atoms in a solid matter are tightly bound to each other, either in a regular geometric lattice (crystalline solids,which include metals and ordinary water ice) or irregularly (an amorphous solid such as common window glass). Examples of solids are: Concrete, Crystal, Dust, Glass, Metals, Minerals, Sand, Wood, Snow.
        • Solid Attacks: The user can release/use solids to attacks of various shapes and/or intensities, either projected, used as a part of melee attacks, etc.
        • Solid Constructs: Users can turn solids into tools, objects, weapons and other items, create semi-living constructs and/or create structures/buildings of varying permanence. Users who have mastered this ability can use it for almost any situation, creating anything they need.
        • Solid Generation: The user can generate various solids.
        • Move/Lift Solid: The user can move/lift solids.
        • Solidification: User can solidify or give solid-like properties to of liquid, gas, and plasma or other form of matter by causing the loose molecules/particles/energy to come together, with the level of solidity going from loose jelly to metal-like hardness or beyond.
          • Corporealization: The user can transform non-corporeal beings (such as ghosts and spirits) and/or themselves, into a physical form and give them a tangible body that can be felt.
    • Shapeshifting: The guardians, in addition to transforming into mist, have the ability to change shape into wolves, bats, and probably more (the original symbol of the pillar of the states are the mentioned changes of form). This supports the ability Quiescent Transformation, which is nothing more than Kain's improved mist form.
      • Quiescent Transformation: A variation of evaporation.This spell turns the Guardian into mist, making him invulnerable to attack. In this form he has a Dash Attack that if it hits will envelop the objective and hold in the place.Right before the dash hits, the Guardian will shift back into a solid form for a moment. By trapping the target in this "dash" mode, the guardian will slowly absorb his vital energy.
    • More: This are normal powers of the matter state manipulation,but the State Guardian can also warp the states,unloking new unknown powers


    Description: Death Guardians held a measure of mastery over the afterlife.They were charged with helping to ensure equivalency between life and rebirth.


    • Necromancy: The power to utilize magic involving the dead, death-force and/or souls.The guardian has show different types of this abilities between:
      • Resurrection: The guardian is able to bring the creatures / people back to life. The guardian himself has a self-resurrection ability, being able to use it in combat 2 times, however he returns in a weakened physical state, but his magic remains intact.
      • Undead and soul summoning: The guardian has proved able to summon the following creatures:
        • Skeletons warriors: Skeletons equiped with swords.
        • Explosives skeletons: The guardian can summon of low range for defense to mid-large range to attack,explosives skeletons.
        • Spirit: Brown, Energy Bolt throwing spirit creatures. Shoots homing energy bolts that dissipate after some time.
        • Shadow: The Guardian can Summon shadows to combat.
        • Likely more
    • Soul Manipulation: The guardian of dead ,has the ablity to manipulate the souls of creatures.he can remove the souls of the creatures or/and fusion or sealing in different objects.
    • Dimensional Travel: The guardian can travel to the material plane to the spectral plane or vice versa at will.
    • Hell-Fire Manipulation: The Guardian can manipulate the Hellfire. One of the Guardians of Death (Mortanius, the Necromancer), proved to be able to use this ability, as he created one of Kain's armor, with hellfire:

    Other powers:

    • Space-Time manipulation: Combine the powers of dimension and Time Guardians.
    • Transmutation and Life Absorption: Three Guardians (States,Energy,Nature) combine his powers,and create a expansive red dome of energy,that "Absorbing,recreating,consuming life,and leave behind only a twisted parody". This dome was bigger than mountains and could grow to consume the whole world, leaving it practically dead.
    • More Powers: In addition to those powers, Kain could combine more guardian powers and have new abilities, but they would be totally speculative


    Kain is described as a cunning and relentless individual, characterized by his heroism, ambition, nobility and fatalism, who grows from wisely arrogant to arrogantly wise over the centuries. Frequently regarded as "a petty noble" in life and youth, he initially shuns vampirism and seeks to uncover a cure - "reluctant to live the horror of an existence blighted by a thirst for human blood".Over the course of Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain, though, he grows to embrace his curse and the ideals of Vorador - his father figure - and also becomes a misanthrope; expressing disgust and a "growing disaffection for humankind" and the Circle of Nine's machinations. Hastily accepting Mortanius's offer of revenge, and desperate to prevent his vampiric nature from consuming him, Kain fell into the role of an "unwilling pawn", failing to forge his own path.

    Having been wronged time and time again, he strives to escape manipulation, engendering his desire to conquer all of Nosgoth for his own - a quest that he eventually prevails in. His fatalism and lust for power is fueled by Nupraptor's curse; as the corrupt Balance Guardian, Kain realizes that "never again could [he] give Nosgoth back her innocence". However, though he possesses an obvious relish for bloodshed and brutality, he is anything but stupid: the true cunning and subtlety of his actions are only revealed to those smart enough to see past his endless deceptions. Although Raziel initially perceives his own execution at Kain's hands as the result of jealousy, Kain later reveals that his supposed hatred of Raziel was a complex ruse, part of his "cast at destiny" - a "quest for knowledge and freedom". Only through Raziel's rebirth as a creature with free will could Kain further his attempts to change history, and revise their respective fates.[144]

    As a young vampire, Kain is cynical, and initially apathetic about saving Nosgoth. Following his refusal to sacrifice himself, though, he is internally burdened by his conscience, shouldering a "mass of doubt and regret" in the knowledge that "the fate of the world hangs dependent on the advisedness of [his] every deed". This is balanced by his prevalent sense of irony and dark humor; he raises the corpses of his Sarafan enemies to unwittingly serve as his trusted lieutenants, believing that "one must keep his friends close [...] and his enemies even closer". Even so, Kain frequently shows strong hints of compassion for his sons and others; throughout Legacy of Kain: Defiance, he does everything within his power to secure a resolution that he and Raziel "both can live with", and is distraught and resistant at Raziel's ultimate sacrifice in his name.

    Though Kain possesses numerous character flaws, he appreciates honesty to a fault, and - except when working covertly in Blood Omen 2 - has never consciously lied to another individual throughout the Legacy of Kain series, only telling half or partial truths when necessary. As a monarch, he values loyalty, and despises insubordination, arguing that "cowards and traitors deserve no second thoughts, only their complete annihilation". While his apparent lack of diplomacy seems to stem from his short and violent temper, in reality it is a carefully cultivated tool. Above all else, Kain's ultimate agenda - to return the Pillars to the vampires and ensure Nosgoth's restoration to glory - are partially moral and benevolent at the very least, but he realizes his goal may be beyond his reach. Only when purified - with "the hands of the prime mover exposed" - does he receive "the first bitter taste" of hope