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KAITO was a fictional character from the Vocaloid character series by Crypton Future Media. His voice provider is Naoto Fūga.


A vocaloid is a synthesizer program where someone (in this case, Fuga) records some specific parts of their voice, and the program makes it so that the user can make words from the voice samples. Therefore, a user can make songs after pitching the sounds. The character is a representative of the voice, and many music producers who use Miku's voice use her character too, although that is not always the case.

Here is a video showing the worldwide influence of vocaloids, made by Google.


He was first released for the VOCALOID engine (V1) in February 2006 as one of the "Project Daisy" vocals by Crypton Future Media. There was then an updated voicebank for him in the VOCALOID3 (V3) engine.

He originally did not sell particularly well, but his popularity suddenly rose by a lot two years after his release, which was shocking to the company, and he is now among some of the most well-known voice synthesizers. This may be because the marketing that was made for him was done in conjunction with MEIKO, a female vocaloid, and the target audience was mainly male at the time, which made Meiko more successful and Kaito less well-known.

However, after a few producers posted parodies of Miku songs by Kaito on NicoNicoDouga, he suddenly became very popular, and the fact that his voice was very versatile made him keep his popularity through the years.

When Crypton stopped licensing YAMAHA's VOCALOID vocal-synthesis engine in favor of its own Piapro Studio-based engine, Kaito technically stopped being a Vocaloid.


KAITO was a name that was picked by the fans, and was so that the name would be easy for non-native Japanese speakers to pronounce and remember.

He is sometimes mistaken to have the last name "Shion", but it was just a fan-made term for him in 2007. However, he is confirmed to not have that last name.


His design was made by Takashi Kawasaki. He has short blue hair and blue eyes. He wears a long white coat and an iconic long blue muffler that is the same color as his hair, and he has grey trousers. He also has grey knee-high boots.

His character was not made to become the "character" for the voice; However, his design is usually the representation for his voicebank.


Due to Kaito's voice and character being used for many different types of songs and media throughout his time, his personality can drastically change from one song to the next. However, his vocal may be used, but the song itself might feature some original characters from the artist, so only the persona of Kaito singing as himself in a song will be considered with his "personality", as there is a slight trend in his personality change through the years.

KAITO vocaloid MMD

Images of Kaito's early MMD model.

In the earlier MMD videos and in NicoNicoParty, Kaito is sometimes seen as a creep who is all over the vocaloid girls; However that was a common archetype with the male vocaloids back in the day. There was even an MMD model that featured him wearing nothing but his muffler that covered everything, and meme videos often showed him in that state in public.

The early vocaloid songs usually featured Kaito as the love interest (such as in ACUTE by Kurousa-P), as early male vocaloids were only him and Gakupo, and Kaito usually was the object of affection from Miku and Luka. Many songs feature yandere vocaloid girls infatuated with Kaito, such as in テンガールグロテスクロマンス (Rotten Girl, Grotesque Romance) by Machigerita-P.

Later on, although Kaito's voice was still widely used, his character usually did not come with his voice. However, the ones that featured his voice and his character, such as Mr.シャーデンフロイデ (Mr. Schadenfreude) by Hitoshizuku-P × Yama△, usually had him as part of the main cast, and his personality changed a bit more than in previous songs.

Notable Songs[]

There aren't really any producers that focus on just using Kaito, and a lot of his well-known songs include multiple vocaloid voices. Therefore, the notable songs will be shown instead.

  1. 上弦の月 (Crescent Moon) by Kurousa-P
  2. シャンティ (SHANTI) by Wotaku
  3. On the rocks by OSTER project
  4. ドクター=ファンクビート (Doctor=Funk Beat) by nyanyannya
  5. ジウダス (Judas) by Sukoyaka Daiseidou
  6. 悪徳のジャッジメント (Judgment of Corruption) by Mothy
  7. サンドリヨン (Cendrillon) by Signal-P (Also featuring Miku)

Voicebank Versions[]

The main Kaito voicebank is KAITO - Straight (V1, V3), but there are also other versions, which include:

  • KAITO - Soft (V3)
  • KAITO - Whisper (V3)
  • KAITO - English (V3)
  • KAITO append (supposedly for V2 but not explicitly announced)
  • KAITO - Light (mentioned at some point but not explicitly announced)