Junior Asparagus is a main character from VeggieTales.

He is young and curious, often letting his curiosity getting him into trouble. But being a young child, Junior is still learning and growing. Junior only wants to do what’s right and prove that little guys can do big things!

Powers and abilities

As a civilian

In The League of Incredible Vegetables, Junior successfully opened a gate and destroyed the Fear Dar just by throwing a snowball, clearly showing he has marksmanship. In Celery Night Fever, Junior draws cartoons which he can make into "films" with multiple drawings.

As a superhero

As Ricochet, his super suit allows him to bounce off surfaces. However, as explained by Alfred, "the bouncing mechanism is electrical", meaning if he touched water, it would short-circuit, which happened twice. After helping to defeat Dr. Flurry, he gets his own super vehicle, a jet-ski, which was capable of hovering and of flight.

In the Netflix reboot, as Junior Jetpack, Junior could fly using the jetpack on his back. Initially, Junior had built his own jetpack which didn't function very well until Ichabeezer gave him his own costume and a well-working jetpack, which worked so well for him that he was able to defeat Motato and his henchmen alongside Larry-Boy and Ichabeezer himself.

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