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Julie is the most recurring supporting character in the Fan-Friction webseries, appearing in ten episodes across Series 1 and 2. She is a young, blonde sorcery intern who never seems to catch a break in her field, partly due to bad luck, and partly due to her childish irresponsibility (or clumsiness) with dangerous magics. She is arguably the most anti-heroic of the recurring cast, violently short-tempered and almost always putting more importance on personal gain than doing the right thing, though her soft spot for the dim-witted Arnold Odysseus has led to brief lapses of selflessness. Her love life is in miserable shambles, having left a trail of magically-scarred boyfriends in her wake. She's fond of creepypasta, cartoons, video games, the colors blue and pink, and nerdy stuff in general despite being a chic, high-maintenance, borderline femme fatale.

Julie has a sense of humor that ranges from wicked to absurd, makes geek culture jokes wherever applicable, and is especially fond of groaners and musical gags, even when it gets her jeered by her co-riffers. Like Crimson Fury, she's not above taking mean shots at the author of whatever fanfic or creepypasta she's reading, though bad fiction tends to make her depressed rather than angry.

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