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Juleka Couffaine is one of the supporting characters of Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir.





Purple Tigress has enhanced capabilities such as speed and agility. Her weapon is a bolas, a whip-like weapon with three weighted, striped balls on one end; it can be worn as a belt when not in use, functioning akin to a tail. She uses her power as Clout to charge her fist with powerful energy. When Purple Tigress punch something, she completely overpower it and send the person she targeted flying.

As Reflekta

Reflekta is able to shoot rays from the jewel she has on her right wrist, which transforms people into an identical physical copy of herself. Those transformed by her retain their normal voices and minds, but don't have her powers and lost their own abilities. However, if someone aquires a Miraculous after being transformed by Reflekta they can use it to transform as normal. It is unknown if detransforming in this state would turn them back to normal or if it would return them to being a clone of Reflekta. As clones, people are immune to subsequent hits from her ray. Reflekta is implied to be able to reverse the transformations as well, as she says to Hawk Moth that she will take care of getting Cat Noir's ring after getting the Ladybug Miraculous, despite having transformed him.

Reflekta seems to be able to float, as seen when she jumps around. She also is very strong and fast, quickly throwing multiple lockers in front of a door in the span of a couple of seconds and breaking free from a basketball hoop around her body.

  • Jewelry empowerment - after her bracelet got akumatized, she gained these abilities:
    • Beam emission - she shoots a beam from her bracelet.
    • Identity manipulation - when she shoots a beam, she can make anybody look like her.
  • Superhuman strength - she also has super strength as she lifted a locker and threw it to block an exit.
  • Superhuman reflexes - she can flip and high jump.