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Judge Trudy is the main protagonist of the Judge Trudy sketches in the Amanda Show TV series. She is a parody of Judge Judy and is seen as a cruel, unfair and biased judge.

She always favours the child plaintliff who is "suing" an adult defendant for petty incidents against the child such as giving a kid an apple for instead of candy on Halloween, telling a kid to please stop mocking them and giving a kid a shot as well as well-deserved punishments such as pushing the principle's car into a swimming pool, stealing a $3,000,000,000 space shuttle then losing it and selling the family's home to circus people for a large amount of money to go to an expensive theme park.

Trudy is often cocky and rude to the defendant while does whatever she can to have the plaintliff win and the defendant lose. She also has a bailiff which often carries out the sentences to the defendants and is also cocky and rude. Like the plaintliffs, Trudy is also a child. Trudy also argues with the adult, causing her to hurt the defendant usually.

Trudy also allowed the children to often throw something at the defendant like garbage, fake fruits, potatoes, squash, dirty old socks, breakfast cereal or one half pint of milk. She also allowed some children to forcefully tear the hair off a mother, rendering her bald, and give a female doctor an atomic wedgie with her pink panties.

Some Sentences

  • Forces a principle into a leopard cage
  • Sends two parents into a trap-door
  • Confiscated woman's clothes
  • Bailiff has a man on his shoulders, swinging him around until he is very uncomfortable
  • Two partners are forced in a match with two professional wrestlers
  • Has lasagne put down a man's pants and has Bailiff scream very loudly at a woman
  • Has an angry chipmunk put down a zookeeper's pants
  • Has a falling boulder fall down on a woman, crushing her
  • Having a man get chased by an unpredictable man dressed in a gorilla suit
  • Sells a teacher to the highest bidder in a courtroom
  • Having two parents, while handcuffed, play dodgeball against 3-bitter marines
  • A woman was forced to wear a nest of deranged woodpeckers on her head
  • Two government agents was to be chewed upon by two hungry Leprechauns
  • Had a man handcuffed to a sweaty opera singer
  • A babysitter is forced into a bathtub with Cream of Mushroom soup