Doctor Joseph Wanless was played by Freddie Jones.He was responsible for the Lot Six experiment, which gave psychokinetic powers to Andy McGee andVicky Tomlinson and in which six more people died. He sees in Charlie McGee, the daughter of both of them, a threat to the country and even the world, because of the pyrokinetic powers she has since birth, which have been ever increasing since then. He extrapolates, that one day she might even have the power of a nuclear bomb in her body, maybe even more, and she may even use that in an abusing way, the more she becomes independent from her family. When Captain Hollister disagrees with his policy of killing her because of his wish to have weapons like her, he threatens to go against him and expose The Shop´s dirty activities, which drives Captain Hollister into giving the order to John Rainbird to kill him.He was later murdered by him at night in his own bed and in his own house.
Joseph Wanless
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