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Joséphine Delamarre is the main character of French Tv series Joséphine, Ange Gardien. She is guardien angel sent to earth to help different clients with his psychology and magic.

Powers and abilities


Josephine is insensitive to ageing, having lived for at least 3000 years over the centuries. On the other hand, she can't die loving a human, in which case she lost her powers and will be reduced to ashes.


To help her in her missions, Josephine is endowed with magical powers powerful enough to distort space. Her magical abilities include teleportation (of herself, other people or objects), changing shape or size, the ability to improve her hearing magically, telekinesis, controlling the elements (especially fire) and many others.


Josephine has proven on many occasions to be a competent detective capable of valuable insights, and an excellent charismatic and reassuring psychologist.