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Jollibee is the main mascot of the Philippine fast food restaurant chain of the same name. His theme color is red.


Jollibee's 1978-1980 appearance.

Jollibee's 1980-1995 mascot appearance.

Jollibee's 1980-1995 cartoon apperance.

Jollibee's 1996-2008 cartoon apperance.

Jollibee is a bee whose body has red and yellow stripes. He has big black eyes, wears a red blazer with black bowtie, a white chef hat, and yellow shoes. His wings are white.

Back in his earliest appearance in 1978, he had blue wings, green pants, a black head, a white face, and black shoes. Most notably, he had a sting, which was never seen again.[2] A variant of the 1978 version gives him an orange undershirt, and green wings. During the 1980s, his head became a little wider, his body became a little taller, and he was colored a lighter shade of red, somewhat like red orange.[3]


Jollibee is kind-hearted, good and a friend to everyone. He is also very adventurous and brave. He doesn't like being lonely, as shown in the first episode of Jollitown.

He is willing to solve problems and make people change their ways, such as when he and his friends helped the bossy Princess, or when they showed the Sorceress how to be happy and brought the color back to Jollitown.


  • He is the boyfriend of Hetty.
  • He is the first character to be created in 1978, alongside Mr. Yum.