Johnny Test

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Johnny Test is the main Protagonist in "Johnny Test" (2005). After the show stopped production in 2014, Johnny took a turn for the worst. His main source of income came from his show, and when it ended, he snapped. He went off the grid, consulting his drug lord, JJ, otherwise known as Mexico's greatest threat. He offers to work for him, but with a condition. John J. Schmidt, the leader of the gang turned cult, "Coco-Cult", must assassinate Jonathan's pet and friend, Dukey. Dukey was the main reason for Johnny Test's downfall. Dukey later was found dead, with a sniper bullet lodged in his throat. After doing the deed, JJ ran off to Luxembourg after committing several accounts of first degree murder, tax evasion, arson, assault, battery, and human trafficking. After gaining money while working at Costco, Johnny decided to step back from the job business. As Johnny needed the gang money, because he was no goodie-two-shoes. He later started an assassination business, and being responsible for such murders as Squidward Tentacles, Scooby-Doo, and Gumball Watterson. After going on such a rampage, Johnny finally had enough money. He later went towards Netflix for a reboot. Not knowing the damage Johnny Test has caused, Netflix agreed, and the Johnny Test reboot (2021) will officially release on July the 16th.

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