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"Do the monkey with me! Come on!"

  • Johnny Bravo, while performing his signature dance move in the intro.

Johnny Bravo is the main protagonist of the Cartoon Network animated series of the same name.


Johnny is a macho womanizer. His usual clothes are black shades, blonde pompadour hairstyle, black short sleeve shirt, black shoes, and blue pants.


Johnny is a dimwitted beefcake. He always tries to get a random woman's attention, but the women usually hurt him. He really loves his mother and his hair, and will get angry if his hair and glasses are touched and if his mother is threatened.


  • Johnny is voiced by Jeff Bennett.
  • Johnny appeared in the fighting game Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion. He appeared in the 3DS version as an assist character, then in the console (PS3, Xbox 360, Wii) versions as a playable character alongside seven other characters from different Cartoon Network series.
  • Johnny appears in Johnny Bravo Goes to Bollywood.