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John Silver is the (former) main antagonist of Treasure Planet. He is the captain of a band of pirates plotting to find the lost treasure of the infamous pirate captain Nathaniel Flint however he develops a strong bond with protagonist Jim Hawkins which eventually leads to his reformation.


  • Unlike all other versions of Treasure Island (where Jim and Silver were nothing more than bitter enemies) this version of Silver is unique as he and Jim develop a father-son like bond in an attempt to add an emotional layer to the struggle between protagonist and antagonist.
  • Silver was originally going to return in the cancelled sequel film Treasure Planet 2, where he would be revealed to have started a smuggling ring, and comes back to help Jim, Amelia, Doppler, and their friends defend their galaxy from a villain named Ironbeard albeit of sake of acquiring the new ship Ironbeard had stolen.
  • Despite being a antagonist,fans often consired him a anti hero then villain.
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