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Joseph "Joe" Balooka is the supporting character of Codename: Kids Next Door. He was a hall monitor at Gallagher Elementary. He was Hoagie Gilligan's partner before he became a KND operative. He was voiced by Daran Norris, who also voiced Mr. Turner and Cosmo in the Fairly OddParents.


At the first glance, Joe was the lackey of evil and certifiably insane Nurse Claiborne (Jennifer Hale) to infect other kids with Pinkeye in exchange for her delectable crumbles (which turned out to be made from Pinkeye crust). When Hoagie Gilligan (Benjamin Diskin) began investigating the epidemic and suspected Joe, Joe was shot before he could reveal any information. Later, he rescued Hoagie Gilligan from Nurse Claiborne, at the cost of being shot again and badly injured in the process. After this incident, Joe was dismissed from the Hall Squad for his corrupt activities, and afterwards worked at a store owned by his father as a parking attendant.


  • Mr. Balooka (father)
  • Mrs. Balooka (mother)