"This is a film about a noble sacrifice, I mean, art...An auteur film. You know what an auteur film is?"

  • Jimmy talking to Beautiful about his career and his upcoming film

Jimmy the Freak (지미는 괴물) is a supporting character on the South Korean 2006 film Aachi & Ssipak.

He is the porn director with his goal to make his upcoming film gold so his fans loves him. Also best friends with Aachi and Ssipak.



During the film production, the character Jimmy was inspiration and motif from the rock guitarist Jimmy Hendrix (1942–1970).


He is shown to been a prevent, clumsy, exciting, drugged and sometimes act normal when it comes to making the film.

Physical appearance

Jimmy was a smooth looking man with Afro dark brown hair, purple-brownish eyes, hairy chest, sausage lips, with a bit of makeup to his face and a mole between to his nose and cheek. Wore a white and blue jumpsuit, with "J" and "L" with hearts on bottom, blue and white belt, white jeans and red shoes.



Jimmy is best known for making illegal films for the past years, including the films like ANAL INSTICT (항문 인스턴트), S&M MIZERY (S & M 미 제리), and HORNYALIENS (호 놀리 엔), during his life, he once have actors for his upcoming film until two of his actors doing a cheap porn, which how many he has told them to do it right which he then explains the plot of his upcoming film about a beautiful girl who sacrifices her anus to save the world, as when his film's completed and sent to the public it will be praised by the critics and moviegoers, as becoming the most world-wide success, and as thinking how art thou of him be talented until one of his actors call it bullshit which suddenly shocks him.

It is not known what happens to his past life, but suddenly soon went high and losing to himself.

Aachi & Ssipak

Jimmy was mentioned by the Boss' mate who says that Jimmy said hi after the hoodlums caught them in their turf, as revealing he basically set up Aachi and Ssipak, who later arrives his studio and beats him up with one punch.

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