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Jessica Moore (b. May 23rd, 1988) is a Sister of Josephine Moore, Christina Moore, Sara Beth Moore, and Sean Moore and a Cedarmont Kid known for Preschool Songs, Toddler Tunes, Christmas Carols, Christmas Favorites, Gospel Bible Songs, Gospel Praise Songs, Gospel Action Songs, Gospel Christmas Songs, Songs of America, Bible Songs, Lullabies, Hymns and Sunday School Songs. She is absent in Toddler Action Songs Video But, her Siblings Josephine Moore, Christina Moore and my Favorite Cedarmont Kids Love ❤️ Jessica Moore Josephine Moore

Sean Moore would Appeared in Toddler Action Songs & Disney Songs.

She Was Part Of The Cast From 1993 to 2000

The Other Cedarmont Kids Members Call Her Jessie for short.

She and her Siblings would Appeared A Spinoff Cast Member on Big Songs for Little Kids

She appeared in 10 years of Pokemon Live on Stage as a Host along with Josephine Moore

She's known for the Christmas Story as Gentle Mary and the Easter Miracle through the Eyes of the Children peter as Selina the Prayer am child peter

Jessica Is Younger Then Robert Gay & Older Then Keeley & Myranda Alexander