Jerome Valeska is a recurring antagonist in Gotham. He first appears after murdering his mother, Lila Valeska and being sent to Arkham Asylum. He is broken out by Theo Galavan and leads a gang of psychopaths called the Maniax. Jerome murders Captain Sarah Essen’s of the Gotham City Police Department and is eventually killed by Theo shortly after he murders his father, Paul Cicero, so Theo can look like a hero to the people of Gotham. Prior to his death, Paul predicted that his son would be a plague on Gotham, and all around the world, Jerome’s actions were influencing various citizens, which led to the creation of the Cult of Jerome. Jerome‘s body was kept in cryogenic suspension. An employee of Indian Hill was a follower of Jerome’s, and stole his body hoping to revive him. When he thought he failed, he cut off Jerome’s face, and put it on his own. Jerome was revived and retook his face after murdering his self appointed successor. Jerome went after Bruce Wayne and kidnapped him, planning to kill him. However, Bruce managed to defeat Jerome and he was sent back to Arkham where he teamed up with Jonathan Crane and Jervis Tetch.

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