Jay Prescott Sherman

Jay Sherman is the main protagonist of the series The Critic.

Jay's full name is, Jay Prescott Sherman IV (the fourth)

Character Bio

After getting into a terrible accident, Jay was rushed to the hospital and put in a full body cast. The nurse, named Ardeth, immediately fell in love with him and quickly married him. Shortly after having Martin Sherman together, they got a divorce.


Jay is a short man in the episode Uneasy Rider S1ep12 we see his driver license, he is 5'6" (five feet six inches tall) and is very obese. The same license also tells us that Jay's date of birth is "January 26, 1958" making jay in the show 36–37 years old since the show takes place between 1994 and 1995. Jay is also rapidly balding, and sometimes wears a toupee to compensate for it. Jay's hair is fake, and must be sprayed onto his head.


Jay is highly critical of many movies, and is considered to be cynical. Because of this, he is looked down upon by others. He runs a TV show called Coming Attractions, which is dubbed into seven different languages.

Jay has a limited pool of friends, one being Jeremy Hawke. In other countries, his show hosts disclaimers, such as "Jay Sherman is an escape patient from a mental hospital" as a result of his lack of socialization.

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