Jadeite is the first of Queen Beryl's generals in the anime Sailor Moon. He is 18 years old, making him second youngest of the four generals. In the Japanese version, he is called Jadeite.Jedite appeared in the first ten episodes. His task was to gather energy for the Negaverse to release the Negaforce. His tactics usually involved charging objects with dark energy and finding a way of Jedite attaching them to several people at once, usually with him or one of his monsters disguised. He had Morga pretend she was Molly's (Naru's) mother at the jewelry store, charging the jewelry with dark energy. He had Balm set up a fortune telling parlor to plant devil tarot cards to rob people of their energy. He also attached flowers to people on a radio station, J-Dite, that would drain a person's energy. Jedite put people in relaxation pods, turning them evil while taking their energy, had Iguara use animals called Chanelas to manipulate people into staring at them and steal their energy, had Kyurene play a tape that can drain life energy, had Derela absorb people's energy in a talent competition, had Garoben steal energy from a computer class through strange disks, had Ramwoir hand out clocks that made people rush and use up energy, had Dream Dolly put people to sleep and drain their energy, and teamed up with Titus to steal energy from people on a love cruise. Each and every one of his plans was foiled by Sailor Moon, with the help of Sailor Mercury and Sailor Mars. Fed up with Jedite's failure, Queen Beryl commanded him to destroy the Sailor Scouts, lest he be punished with eternal sleep. Jedite challenged the Sailor Scouts at the airport, where he made two jets chase after them. Tuxedo Mask arrived at one point to fight him, but was defeated. However, Sailor Moon got one of the jets to chase after her while Sailor Mercury used Mercury Bubbles Blast to create a fog, preventing Jedite from seeing Sailor Mars put a Scroll Attack on his back, causing the planes to chase after him. Sailor Moon tried to hit him with Moon Tiara Magic. He avoided the attack but was run over by one of the jets. Upon his return to the Negaverse, he attempted to tell Queen Beryl the true identities of the Sailor Scouts, but as he had failed his mission, she refused to listen to him and froze him in a crystal of ice, then vanished him into endless darkness, condemning him to eternal sleep.

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