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Izumi Akazawa is a hidden main female villain from Another's episode 11 and 12 anime series and Another manga chapter 18. Most importantly, she is also one of the four arch-villains (along with Tomohiko Kazami, Yumi Ogura, and Takako Sugiura).


She wears the school's standard uniform and has two long reddish brown and wavy pigtails tied with blue ribbons. Her eyes have the same color. In the manga, she has the same hairstyle, but with shorter hair. Also, her hair isn't as wavy as in the anime. In the manga, at the end of the series, Izumi cut her hair shorter. In episode 6, Izumi was wearing white ribbons and a pale pink with white dress. In episode 8 she was seen wearing a casual outfit which consist in a reddish blouse and a white mini skirt.


Izumi is the straightforward, unabashed and strong leader of the Countermeasures at Yomiyama Middle School's 3rd year class. She has a bit of a tsundere personality. Izumi is impulsive, irascible and sometimes really mischievous. She also seems to despise Mei and even goes as far as to blame her for the deaths of the other students. Early in the series, she dislike Kouichi, but in the end was revealed that she was fond of him all along.


In episode 11, Izumi was going to destroy Mei instead of Kouichi for trying to survive in the hotel room. In episode 12, Izumi attempt to destroy Mei because she was though Mei was the one who bought the death curse.