Izumi is the minor supporting hero of the cartoon, The Legend of Korra. She is the Fire Lord of the Fire Nation, daughter of Lord Zuko, the niece of Azula, the granddaughter of Ursa and Ozai, the great-granddaughter Azulon, Ilah, Rina, and Jizuk, and mother of General Iroh. Following her father's abduction, she ascended the throne in 167 AG. She is among the leaders of the nations called in to deal with threats that threaten the balance of both nature and political harmony. Much about her is unknown save for that she seems emotionally repressed while still being dedicated to making sure no one throws the nations of the world out of balance like her wicked paternal grandfather, Fire Lord Ozai did. She is very concerned with the Fire-Nation returning or even appearing to return to its warmongering ways from the previous generation. However, she was completely unaware that her father used to be a bad guy before she was born.

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