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Iori Fuyusaka is a 2nd Protagonist is 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim.


Girl of Silver Long Hair. He has a Flower haircut on the Head. Female High School Student attending Sakura High School. Class B for 1 year. Normal bright personality that I can not hate somewhere. On average, the results are Normal, and the performance of each subject is severe. Recently, he has suffered from a strange Dream, has been insomnia, has overslept and fell asleep during class. On the last day of school, I fell in love with Ei Sekigahara, who accidentally ran into School Gate. Right Thigh has a Switch to board "Machine Soldier".

Women Similar to Iori Fuyusaka

Women similar to Fuyusaka in Dream at Kurabe. It looks the same as the women similar to Chihiro Morimura in Amiguchi's Dream. Same person as Fuyusaka.


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