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Instantaneous Movement (IM for short) is a glitch in which a character's movement, mood, location etc. changes instantly without moving. Below are the noteworthy examples.


Baloo is angry while chasing King Louie and in the next shot Baloo's face is frowning. This is the first recorded evidence of IM. Additonally a grining vulture lands and in the next shot frowns.

Mr. Hollywood has numerous IMs in Seeing Eye Dogs, in the first shot he enters a flower shop and announces his blindness from an eye exam grining while he says so i can't see a thing, in the next scene which shows his blind eyes he is frowning. Later he and the dogs are on a building under construction, all three fall on a piece of the building, with Mr. Hollywood landing on his groin, painfully frowning, and in the next shot, Mr. Hollywood weakly grins and askes am I home yet?. Later after Mr. Hollywood regains his sight (Seeing his glasses broke) he happily rejoices and in the next shot gets angry and askes what am I doing out here?, this isn't home.

In a flashback in The Color Ruckus After Mister Ruckus gets into an argument with his elderly mother Nelly Ruckus, he gets up and storms out as Nelly's mood switches from angry to happy. In the Present, the Ruckus family comes to watch an even older Nelly die. Mister grins as he announces that he'll celebrate his much loathed mothers death and in the next shot, Mister has an angry look. Later, When Mister reveals his wife Bunny's accusation that their youngest son Uncle Ruckus is adopted and has a skin disease called Revi-talligo is false his face is frowning and in the next shot when Bunny denies the truth, Mister's face is once again angry.

Mr. Horse sit in a chair as he lashes out at Ren saying YOU'RE FUCKING CRAZY, in the next shot Mr. Horse is out of his chair screaming to Ren saying THAT'S WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU!!!!!. Mr. Horse with an angry look then says That's right, you need to be locked up and in the next shot, Mr. Horse frowns saying away from decent normal people!. In another scene, as Mr. Horse angrily pants his ears stick straight up and in the next shot, they curve backwards as Ren's frowning face turns sadden and mortified and in the next shot Ren's face returns to being sadden. In the next shot Ren continues to bicker with, as Mr. Horse's mouth is close but in the next shot, his teeth are shown and in the next shot, his mouth is closed as well as Ren's angry face returning to frowning.

Brick has IM in The Boys Are Back In Town.