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Dr. Inga Bittersweet is a one-shot villain from the animated series Totally Spies!. Her first and only major appearance was in the first season episode, "Passion Patties". She was voiced by B.J. Ward, who also voiced Winnie Woodpecker.


As a young girl, Dr. Bittersweet was part of the Happy Girls, a Girl Scout-style organization whose activities included selling cookies. At one point, after Dr. Bittersweet captured Samantha (Jennifer Hale), Clover, and Alexandra, she explained that she liked the Happy Girls-cookies "a bit too much", as she would eat the cookies instead of selling them, so she got kicked out of her troop. Dr. Bittersweet then spent the rest of her life plotting her revenge against the Happy Girls.

Dr. Bittersweet created a highly concentrated sugar extract and used the formula in her own line of cookies called "Passion Patties" (mint/chocolate cookies that are parody of Thin Mints) and anyone who ate the cookies was hooked right away. The extract was also fattening enough to cause obesity within a day, judging from Clover, Jerry and Shirley Rogers' change in size. The mad scientist soon used her Passion Patties to dominate the cookie market.

The cookie craze caught the attention of Jerry (before he and Clover ate them) and sent Samantha, Clover and Alexandra to investigate and stop Dr. Bittersweet's scheme. During the infiltration of her production factory, she caught them and hooked them up to an automatic feeding machine to sumo size them. As she gloated about her imminent victory, Clover (who ate the cookies and had become sumo sized) managed to sneak a homing device onto Inga, which led the spies to her Arctic storage facility (the spies deduced that the extreme cold was to keep the cookies from melting).

The spies tracked down Dr. Bittersweet and, after melting her entire cookie supply, ultimately defeated her by literally giving her a taste of her own medicine (they forced her to drink a vial of her sugar extract). She inflated to Clover's size in mere seconds and the spies left her to eat her cookies until WOOHP arrived to arrest her. Jerry had WOOHP-scientists create an antidote for Dr. Bittersweet's sugar extract and everyone who ate the Passion Patties was returned to normal.