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Imogen Willis was a character in Neighbours who first appeared in Episode 6646 - 20 May 2013. She is the daughter of Brad Willis and Terese Willis. Imogen is the sister of Joshua Willis and half sister of Paige Smith. Imogen married Daniel Robinson in April 2016 and they left Erinsborough in Episode 7352 - 26 April 2016. Imogen was played by Ariel Kaplan.


Imogen Willis was born on the 21st May 1996 to Brad and Terese Willis. Imogen had a twin brother Joshua Willis. Imogen grew up in Perth.


In May 2013, the Willis family moved to No 22 Ramsay Street in Brad's old street. Imogen was 17 at the time. She enrolled at Erinsborough High School and became the school captain. Imogen was best friends with Amber Turner, daughter of Lauren Turner, one time girlfriend of Imogen's dad.

In March 2014, Daniel Robinson, a man also with family connections to Ramsay Street arrived. He took a shine to Amber but became friendly with Imogen. Daniel and Imogen had an on off relationship, they once even got stuck in a well when they went to find treasure and the ladder collapsed.

Memorable info

Birthday: 21st May 1996

Full Name: Imogen Willis